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  1. I swear ive played on better pitches at the 5s any team trying to pass or dribble the ball on that is in for a shitey day. Bring on Clyde in the next round
  2. Ok we are a professional football club in the top division of our country what kind of surface do we want to play all our home games on. How about I just head down to B&Q buy a shit tonne of sand and spray paint it green nobody will know the difference.
  3. Imagine down south if there was an interview with a player that came out, in which he said ive received racist abuse. And a pundit on MoTD said "I dont believe him I want undeniable proof hes probably lying this is all made up" then go on a crazy rant about conspiracies made up by the other teams staff. He loses his job. The papers would be all fucking over him for insensitivity towards racism allegations and being a loon ball. But up here a whole fan group makes a massive fucking fuss and signs a petition to get him reinstated just cos he doesnt like your rivals. A guy could walk ont
  4. What I dont understand with this whole Car thing is, if it didnt happen and was all made up by Traynor to shift focus how can the story about the PI also be true? celtic fans are that fucking dim that they will use both arguments at the same time rather than admit that either some of their fans are dangerous bampots or that someone might be interested in stealing/ stealing parts off a lambo. The truth is some guy was at his car for some reason. Was arrested by the police and the junkie said he was a PI with 0 proof to try get off with it. I dont understand why its so fucking hard for them
  5. This reminds me of all the Scum bampots that git ripped new ones by Kerryfail Meltdown. Posting on Social Media they heard from their pals maw whos an accountant that Rangers are going out of business or that they know someone that works at ibrox and Morelos was offered to clubs for 3 million but nobody wanted him. Absolute cringe behaviour
  6. Get kamara off for a winger put aribo in midfield before he gives them 4 more goals
  7. Kamara had a rough start to the season but this might be his worst game in a Rangers shirt just not at the races at all
  8. Was back when he was playing for Hibs running around with all his coke snorting pretend gangsta pals. My friend i used to work with was at a party they all showed up. They all took the little sister of the person whos house party it was upstairs. Few days later some folk were at the door to stop it going to the press. No idea if it was from Hibs or his pretend gangsta friends.
  9. I honestly think it was a fucking nothing incident. Stupid shite from a toxic we proven racist asshole. But a nothing incident. Thing is in light of the uproar from last month id expect a furore. You either say this is a nothing incident even if it was slightly worse than Kent/Morelos and they were nothing incidents too. Or you say they are all inflammatory incidents and not wanted and all players are in the wrong. Saying making a gesture is awful and needs a ban and Griffiths is just a bit of banter/hes the victim because of 'mental health issues' just shows up your hypocrisy so fucki
  10. Aribo is an amazing player but he really doesnt fit our midfield 3 at all. He reminds me so much of Ozil best suited as a number 10 with not many responsibilities apart from creating chances and skinning folk. When hes in our 3 having to play all over the place when he picks it up deep he slows the play right down.
  11. AYE BUT AYE BUT AYE BUT AYE BUT Have celtic ever once just fucking stood up and accepted when they or one of their players are in the wrong
  12. Daily Record lurker reads this post using his incredible investigative journalism. Tomorrows main headline. "ARE Rangers GOING INTO ADMIN AGAIN?" "Rangers havent signed anyone in 3 days does this mean they are in trouble financially?"
  13. 800 Rangers fan in a 60,000 stadium. Yet somehow those 800 were the cause of all the trouble? Theres a picture of our fan after being hit by a coin and being badly injured. But it was us throwing things. We had fans that didnt want to take part in a minute applause (An act that was introduced to stop opposition fans from ruining minute silences *cough* celtic Fans every remembrance Sunday/player death/ibrox disaster *cough* cough*) And instead of just ignoring our fans not clapping and remembering their dead player they decided to boo during the applause instead. (And you cannot tell
  14. The absolute meltdown of the past couple days is making the win 10 times as sweet. From bullshit non stories from ex players. To deflection tactics. To the usual scum infested newspapers running bullshit stories such as celtic fans getting injured while using pictures of injured Rangers fans And the absolute best is the absolute pish coming from their fans on social media I havent laughed so much in my life. The Kerrydale Meltdown Twitter has been working overtime just trying to keep up with highlighting some of the pish being spouted. Its been bloody glorious
  15. "We lost it canny be ooor fault were ra cellik whos to blame The refs ... actually naw we almost cheated another game with shitty decisions The SFA for our fixture schedule... actually naw Rangers had the exact same schedule but had all away games we had all home WELL YOU KNOW WHIT YOUS SHOULDNEY BE ALLOWED TO CELEBRATE AND YER HANDSHAKES ARE PURE SECTARIAN" Why even have comedians in this country when you can just laugh at celtic fans and ex players its fucking priceless.
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