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  1. One source I have for this is one of my mates is Tommy Smith who retired from football a few years ago, having played for Watford, Derby, Sunderland, Pompey, QPR, Cardiff, Brentford - and almost Rangers! He's obviously still in contact with many people in football and he was messaging me the other night about Goldson moving back to England as he had been told Goldson had mentioned it to the club that he wanted to head back south. It came as no surprise to me as I know Goldson has been quite critical of the set up etc. in Scotland.
  2. I believe Goldson will move on. Talk is that he is keen to move back to England for both football and family reasons. I don't think that'll be much of a shock to anyone really though.
  3. Charlie Lindsay officially joins Academy https://twitter.com/RangersFC/status/1268890328054054912?s=20
  4. Just watched the Robertson video. I've never been his biggest fan, but I thought that was pretty decent for a change.
  5. Can't see Rangers charging ST holders anything extra. Non ST holders will obviously pay. We won't be getting any credit back on our ST's - and why would we? When we renewed we knew we wouldn't actually be attending games at Ibrox for months. Probably not this calendar year.
  6. That Webinar was an absolute car crash with the "SLO" and the marketing girl. Absolutely awful. If she is a "senior" exec I'd dread to think the standard of the junior ones!!! I take it the Everyone Anyone shite extends to employing people who are a bit special to make it feel inclusive??! Fuck me.
  7. Nevermind our board "won't be found wanting". Our board "won't be found" is more fucking appropriate!!
  8. Point proven. You should get some sleep.
  9. You are bringing it all on yourself. Look at your posting style and pattern on here for example! How is that helping?! I don't think there is anything genuine about you.
  10. I have sympathy with people who have genuine mental health problems. However I do not have sympathy with people who go around deliberately courting and seeking attention - and then setting about it with an antagonistic approach in order to deliberately stoke argument. In that respect, any "mental health" issues are self inflicted. So, no. No sympathy from me whatsoever.
  11. He'll want to move on. He has a kid now. Will want to make a base somewhere, settle and play in a better, more professional league. He must be sick of Scottish football. Best for all parties that we draw a line under it and move on. Just need to make sure we get financial fairness with regard to the transfer fee.
  12. He's a cunt, he's a tarrier scumbag and we all hate the prick - but Liewell certainly knows how to direct a strategy and get the desired results. Look around our boardroom and the brutal reality is that we have no-one who can come remotely near that. It's an area we have been lacking in for years. He has his boot on our neck and we have no form of fightback. And by god, does he know that.
  13. Exactly. And Liewell & co know this. They know that we are all talk and no action. They know that we have scurried back into our box and will fall in line.
  14. Surprise, surprise, Sadiq Khan is not in favour of the restart. Why is it those on the left are always the biggest panty wetters and always look to stamp down on positivity and progression??
  15. But, but, but, "we won't be found wanting"...... 😕
  16. A) they didn't even attempt to look at ways to finish the league. It was never happening due to the tarrier cabal. B) I couldn't give a flying fuck about the state of other clubs in Scotland. Their diddy status and financial position is their own concern. Tough shit. The more Scottish clubs that die off, the better. Too many clubs as it is.
  17. Ah, the typical "can't do" Scottish attitude. It's no wonder that the rest of the UK see Scotland as miserable, negative, moaning, whining, victimised place. Always got to be seen to be different and normally for all the wrong reasons.
  18. The fact that the EPL is restarting on 17th June makes it even more of an embarrassing mockery in Scotland.
  19. I'm seeing 17th June for EPL. But, yes, great they they are set for a restart. Once again, things done in Scoatland have been absolutely shameful and embarrassing. A fucked up backwater.
  20. From FF: "Keep an eye on the Rangers website in next 30 mins Journos have been alerted to an announcement."
  21. https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/1265574992512761861 https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/1265592770045120512
  22. £3m over 3 years is a great bit of business.
  23. I think Goldson will want to move back to England in the summer anyway.
  24. Ah, you could be right actually mate. I recall that now. My mistake.
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