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  1. For 17% of the population of Scotland these cunts have managed to gain a disproportionate amount of control over this country. Since Satans representative was invited yes unbelievably invited to this country they have carried out his mission to almost perfection. From the corridors of power in Parliament and the media they dictate the agenda presented to the masses. We have slept whilst they have gradually gained control over this country. The child abuse case in Football has been turned on its head with the attacks on Rangers Football Club by their lackies demanding apologies on
  2. They don't need to be , last 4 games helped by their friends making game changing decisions all in their favour. Funny how these decisions happen when they need a helping hand, offside goals , penalties for and against , red cards , easy to win when the majority of decisions are all in your favour.
  3. Rangers should apologise to the victims of Neely and compensate accordingly. There is no need to apologies to Scottish Football. Release a statement stating that we were put in this unfortunate situation by the failure of Hibernian Football Club through their deliberate omission of with holding information on Neely to protect their club. If they had done the right thing then he would not have been anywhere near Rangers, just like the multiple offenders at celtic they chose this course of action all to protect their good name. Keep it in house , hope it goes away, never mind the coun
  4. If we have a case to answer then answer it. Neelys victims are as a result of Hibs because they chose to hide the truth from Rangers. The report is a sham as we all knew it would be. Absolve the perpetrators and spin the blame on everyone else. Kick them Out.
  5. How is anyone surprised by this.must be going about with their eyes and ears shut.The same shite has been happening for years and now that they have full control of the S.F.A. and the S.P.F.L it will continue unabated. I'd love to know what the 5 way agreement was, could it be yes you will get your licence back but you agree not to question the decisions of the governing bodies. Would not be in the least bit surprised if that is the case, remember the banner " know your place H** scum ". From lost evidence to referees who change their original decision after the pressure is applied t
  6. They tried their best to get rid of us but ultimately failed , the murder of Rangers did not succeed. Reminds me of the song when I was a wean Ten green bottles hanging on a wall and in Mr. Kings words if one green bottle should accidentally fall they'll be no green tarrier bottles hanging on the wall. How fuckin sweet , Dr.Death , the Jap, desperate Des and the whole fuckin lot of them know they have failed and failed miserably. "Never fear, inevitably we shall have our years of failure, and when they arrive, we must reveal tolerance and sanity. No matter the days of anxiety that
  7. Walter, Archie and the glorious bastard Souness would do for me but at the end of the day this should only be about the guys who have achieved it and for the Manager in particular who many on here who have doubted and would have got rid of him had they got their way. The best title we have won considering the shite we have been through, orchestrated by the bheasts from the east who played a major role in removing us from the Spl. But just like the terrymunroe they did not achieve , their objective which was to kill us of , so get it right up them. Kick the child molesters Ou
  8. Our 55th title is a bigger achievement than their 8 and a bit titles to come from the bottom division and a club totally destroyed by wankers to national champions within ten years is a greater achievement than a team spending tens of million more than any other club in the country cruising to titles with no competition. Anybody with a couple of functional brain cells will know this. Post of the day, nothing but the truth, they've spent millions in the pursuit of the ten,cunts never managed 9 , as Mr King said lucky to have won two in our absence. Fuck them and their cheating w
  9. The fud on clyde supporting them for fifty years and never been to a game sums them up perfectly, how you could have the absolute gall to come out with this is beyond me and then again I have worked beside them and Iam pretty sure some of them dont even know where porkheid is but they could give you directions to Ibrox. Probably been to the dome more than most of the self proclaimed greatest fans in the world. Sham club, Sham support. Kick them Out.
  10. More like an emotional plea from the fat jap, another placeman dancing to the tune set by the jap. As for going to England there is no chance of that happening, if they try and null and void it , Rangers need to go Nuclear on the lot of them, call them out on everything, from their insidious control of the game , the Dubai debacle and last but not least for bringing not just football but this country into disrepute as a result of the systemic abuse of children at their rancid football club,their continual denial and attempt to pervert the court of justice by harbouring those who knew with
  11. Arrogance strikes again,oozing out this prick, leading the way on covid protocols, lead the way to allow Scottish Football to be played in this pandemic, then you just knew it was coming, poor old cellic suffering more than anyone else,don't forget they've coffed up £1 million to help the poor unfortunate victims of I'll say it again this "Global Pandemic", on yerself Pedro,reminds you of the Poppy donations anything to deflect from their behaviour. The green corridor, pity that's not the one that leads back to Ireland , in saying that the Irish wouldn't let them in. This shitehawk
  12. 9 game deduction of points coming up, every little helps in the quest for ten or in reality 8.5. Kick them Out.
  13. If it is Duffus, was he tested before he flew home, if that is the case the whole shower should've stayed in Dubai and isolated , forfeiting their upcoming games, a minimum 6 points, cunts are a law unto themselves, the Jap will have another internal investigation and clear them of any wrongdoing, case closed , let's all move on from these unfortunate events for the good of (Scottish Football)ra cellic as they never ever ever do anything wrong. He will be on the phone to all and sundry reminding them of how important the manky bastards are to Scotland as they contribute trillions to th
  14. The whole lot of them should be isolating for 10 days all them involved in the Dubai bubble (huddle) are subject to quarantine measures. Maybe they will have to field St.Anthonys or are they another seperate entity. Deduction of points. KICK THEM OUT.
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