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  1. Wake up, no matter what you me and anyone else does from your law abiding citizen to a daftie singing a song (Billy Boys).They will find offence no matter what, these cunts have played the long game and if the people of Scotland dont wake up we as a country are fucked. Labour party went down the tubes soon as Blair and his tory accolites gained control. Left the country fucked because of their failed economic policies. I remember the independence vote and to a man the catholic vote was against this so what has changed, You have a rabid Nationalist in control ,el papas instruct
  2. Ok. thought you were in hospital . Hopefully our children will see a period of domination that destroys them. I've seen two 9 in a rows and one sham 8.3/4 but this is the best of them all, the rats are abonding ship, the Jap, Lennon and Leggo gone in one sweep, all we need now is a bit of justice and the whole shebang will end up like Terry Munroe. Kick Them Out.
  3. Keep well and stay safe , all the best .
  4. Could not have said it better myself. Happy for my weans to see the real Rangers. The display on the Clyde last night was superb. The usual cretins greeting which makes it more enjoyable, Moses parted the red sea but the Rangers turned the Clyde red.W.A.T.P.
  5. That will be 12 points guaranteed to ra cellic, no change there then.
  6. For 17% of the population of Scotland these cunts have managed to gain a disproportionate amount of control over this country. Since Satans representative was invited yes unbelievably invited to this country they have carried out his mission to almost perfection. From the corridors of power in Parliament and the media they dictate the agenda presented to the masses. We have slept whilst they have gradually gained control over this country. The child abuse case in Football has been turned on its head with the attacks on Rangers Football Club by their lackies demanding apologies on
  7. They don't need to be , last 4 games helped by their friends making game changing decisions all in their favour. Funny how these decisions happen when they need a helping hand, offside goals , penalties for and against , red cards , easy to win when the majority of decisions are all in your favour.
  8. Our 55th title is a bigger achievement than their 8 and a bit titles to come from the bottom division and a club totally destroyed by wankers to national champions within ten years is a greater achievement than a team spending tens of million more than any other club in the country cruising to titles with no competition. Anybody with a couple of functional brain cells will know this. Post of the day, nothing but the truth, they've spent millions in the pursuit of the ten,cunts never managed 9 , as Mr King said lucky to have won two in our absence. Fuck them and their cheating w
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