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  1. The original lyrics were "no-one likes us but we care a wee bit sometimes when we're on Rangers media and want to moan about it", but it was too wordy for the song's tempo.
  2. Aye? Fucking hell thats quite a steep cliff he's fallen off. He never looked that level whenever I saw him, I always felt they got overexcited with the Duncan Edwards similarities because of his athleticism. Easier in hindsight right enough, and I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say there is a slight chance Fabio Capello and Ferguson might be a better judge of a player than I am.
  3. Think thats him a few seconds after someone told him what Fergsuon said.
  4. Even the greats get it wrong from time to time. His assertion that Phil Jones could potentially go on to be Man UTD's greatest ever player is the most hilariously off the mark prediction I think I've ever heard in football.
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