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  1. A non-story really, attempting to be provocative but a wimpy effort as it challenges who, Aberdeen and Hibs?? Interesting to compare this negative league narrative with the wanky shite that surrounded the Rodgers sellick. It wasnt that long ago we were being fed the hyperbole about being decades away from winning. Hilarious shift of tone in such a short space of time.
  2. One of the things I admire most about the Gerrard era is the fact that he brought in the best people around him to raise standards, at top EPL level. You only need to look across the city to see the impact of nepotism and plain ineptitude. When Stevie leaves (after trophies and CL) we need to keep these standards. We are miles ahead and I think this season will prove that. Ross Wilson should be working on targets in every area for long term planning and we shouldnt fall into that trap of 'a Rangers man' if not good enough, even if they are a legend/well-liked.
  3. Too early to write him off, but a defining season for him if he wants to be considered good enough to lead the line from start. My biggest concern is I dont think he really fits in our system style wise and is better as an impact sub when we need something different. But not one to really dislike, puts in a shift and will do a job - good luck to him hope he does it.
  4. @adminpishing myself at this and Diamond Dans username but my own has taking a beating on here for ages so can you just let me change it to Copland and we can call the 'use my surname' experiment a failure? Cheers.
  5. Our squad is fucking miles ahead of anything in Scotland. Bring it on.
  6. You seem to think Rangers players taking the knee could lead to the fall of the United Kingdom and lead us into some dystopian George Orwell 1984 scenario where we are controlled by our leftist/BLM overlords. You might want to climb down from the intellectual high ground?
  7. Irrespective of anyone's private thoughts on the BLM movement/taking the knee, booing players that have their own perspective on it given what we saw last year and across social media recently is fucking pathetic. Also baffles me that on one of the first games back at Ibrox in glorious sunshine on a Saturday night, with a lot to look forward to this season, some nuggets can get themselves that worked up and angry that they boo a player taking a knee before the game.
  8. Doesn't matter now but to think O'Donnell started ahead of Patterson at the Euros Jesus fucking christ.
  9. Got one in enclosure eventually after a long treasure hunt, if anyones looking still, try there
  10. Got an email saying I had a ticket in the ballot but none available online? Fucking mental.
  11. Found a nice picture of the couple on their happy day. Rangers, a club for Everyone, Anyone.
  12. The Sheffield United fans in that thread seem raging, could be making him a bit of a scapegoat for how shite their season was, I didn't see much of them - who knows. But again gonna trust our management and scouting team on this. We have a profile of player to fit the system and we've got it right more often than not. Coming from merseyside he must have been a known quantity for a while. On paper, an. EPL regular for free seems very sensible. Would like another midfielder as well.
  13. Donated - get well soon Toni and best wishes to family.
  14. It will be difficult but I have a lot of faith in our preseason work and preparation. We tend to come out of the traps really well. We have every chance. I also think we could have beaten Slavia earlier in the Europa, we ran out of steam a bit and lost bodies in midfield.
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