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  1. we have the ability, now its all about character and mentality. We have more talent and are a better team than anything in the country. Lets go make it count now. Only ourselves can stop us.
  2. Reads the game brilliantly, great heart and loves a tackle. Lack of pace is well known, but he is aware of it and plays the game smart as a result, also listen if he had pace on top of his other qualities, he'd be playing at the very top level in Europe.
  3. Amazing news. Still my favourite ever player. Another level when you saw him live. Truly world class.
  4. Marcus Gayle or Federico Nieto next.
  5. More important to focus on achieving a proper winning run (which we've failed to do for far too long) than goal difference atm. Hoping (and expecting) we'll get far more clinical in final 3rd as Roofe gets his match sharpness up as he's getting into the right areas. Until then, just keep winning.
  6. Had erased that from my memory. well thats my weekend buzz officially over now - cheers mate.
  7. We were spoiled back then and hard to appreciate it at the time, you could build teams round that sort of talent now. One of those players that could just stroll through a game and not break sweat, class act.
  8. Advocaat had him in and out the side, probably unfortunate his time came around Fergusons rise given similar position. But his quality was clear to see imo, the Monaco game he was outstanding and showed other flashes when had the chance. His goal against Dunfermline was a belter. Bit of a 'one that got away'....class footballer
  9. Would be hilarious if they drop points given how shite they look at the minute but Motherwell are not great. Regardless, great to have them sweating for games like this already. Long may it continue.
  10. one of the most frustrating games ever. We had a great side then, could have gone far but daft defensive mistakes just seemed to catch us out. On a side note: Tugays performance as sweeper in the away match against them was outstanding as I remember.
  11. Always remember his game against Sturm Graz, we were on fire that night. He had fantastic technique, and like great players made the game look easy at times. If we had got him at peak physical condition that would have been amazing. Pretty sure Man Utd were seriously in for him at the time he joined us, but Ferguson wanted to rotate in that position and he wanted regular football
  12. Has done magnificently in Europe. Needs to learn domestically or won't be here long. If he doesn't toughen up the spine of the team with strong characters who will stand up to the ugly side of the game and accept demands of winning every week I'm afraid it will be groundhog day again next season. We don't need an abundance of similar wingers again in a transfer window, or any more players that are more comfortable with a glamour European tie in Porto than they are a wet and windy Saturday away at Tynecastle.
  13. Lets not forget the back 3 that Parma team had. Buffon, Cannavaro, Thuram. Easily 3 of the best players of a generation in their position and a Ballon d'Or winner in there. And to be fair, Mols (and to a lesser extent Wallace) ran them ragged. Not many players did that to them over the years.
  14. In terms of their individual performances against us, Del Piero, Mendieta and Riquelme gave me the fear.
  15. favourite player. First ever game at Ibrox, sat in Broomloan rear. He scored this goal in front of me Remember as a wean at the time asking my Old Man why no-one could get the ball off him, confused 😂
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