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  1. Did you steal @cumnockbears phone?
  2. We're in a good place, an early goal and I'll feel good, otherwise cld be one to grind out but winning all that matters. McGregor Patterson (if available?) Goldson Helander Barasic Arfield Davis Kamara Hagi Morelos Kent Went with Hagi over Aribo as he is contributing good numbers in terms of goals and assists, and Arfield has more dig for this type of game. Would bring Aribo back in on Sat in a 4-2-3-1.
  3. If we're playing that game I prefer to focus on the last 15 decades. Most successful team in football.
  4. Tremendous finisher, incredibly agile. Top player. Was on fire for Everton as well for a while when he first moved.
  5. The thought of watching Caixinha post-match interviews still gives me the fear.
  6. 27 - had just moved from Ayrshire to Glasgow. Did a pub crawl to celebrate - was absolutely flying and woke up the next day and couldn't remember the final score.
  7. Get chills when I hear Every Other Saturday
  8. aye sorry mate couldn't resist after reading that comment
  9. Is this no the team that scudded 4 by the mhanks?
  10. Scenes on here when Morelos does the same at Sharkheid in March when Brown pulls his muscle
  11. This mob are a basket case. At times look like a pub team then just go up the park and score. Be glad to see the back of them.
  12. what the fuck is this new offside shite about letting it play out before calling it? Mental.
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