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  1. Roofe looks excellent business. If Alfie goes can see him moving into middle to become main man. Has an arrogance and confidence about him that is needed for a club of our size, especially up front. Big things to come from. him as long as he stays fit.
  2. Canny beat having a heavy drink.
  3. Exactly, and look how delighted they were to get a draw. This is team with a market value of maybe hundreds of millions (just from a quick check online tbf). Light years ahead of anything we'll face domestically.
  4. Benfica are a top side, CL level - their pressing and aggression was tough to play against. Never felt comfortable at any point in the game, and no shame to come away unbeaten in two games having scored 5 goals against them. Obviously frustrating the way the games panned out but still in a strong position.
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