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  1. I agree mate. We had teams worth millions in terms of talent but you always felt like a difficult away tie in Turkey etc would be a disaster. Our legends knew how to win domestically inside out, but I think the team we have now understand the levels of professionalism you need to meet to match European teams that work to that standard. We were lambs the to the slaughter with our drinking culture against a hard training regimented and talented Juventus team of 90s and I say that loving the legendary team and manager we had at the time.
  2. Its all relative, but in '92 we had some of the best players in Britain and would have won the English league that year as well. Takes nothing away from our current achievements and like you say, the football this side plays is a joy at times.
  3. Aye mate - before I moved back into the city this year but thats a story for another forum
  4. Let's not forget the context of our fantastic recent record: we have played some good teams in Europe recently and don't let anyone tell us otherwise. "Porto are shite, not the team they were" - made it to knockout of Champions League this year. FC Midgetland - made it to CL this year. Galatasaray with big name players - disposed of in qualifiers. Benfica - worth 200M odd squad value. That team tonight were no mugs either and are probably better than anything we will face domestically again. Add to the list of last year (Braga, Feyenoord, Young Boys etc) and it g
  5. Has quality no doubt, but I think against top teams in Europe we can lack a bit of presence and mobility in midfield when he just sits in. Not knocking him - but I do think these days he's better suited to teams that sit in against us domestically rather than athletic teams that press us high.
  6. I didn't think this team could win ugly tbh, as well as we've been this year - big positive that we can. This to me illustrates one major thing: we do have a different mentality this year. Need to keep it going and make it count.
  7. Imagine having Klos, Charbonnier and Niemi as your squad of 3 goalkeepers. Genuinely don't think another team in Europe would have had a stronger pool of keepers to choose from at the time
  8. good write up mate, great to see the young ones getting a chance. Winning 55 is everything but great to see young talent coming through, we have good young players there and that has to be an important part of our strategy.
  9. think we need to calm down with this mate. Boy is 22. Might not be top of his game the now but has talent. Took Borna and Alfie time to settle, lets get behind him.
  10. Roofe looks excellent business. If Alfie goes can see him moving into middle to become main man. Has an arrogance and confidence about him that is needed for a club of our size, especially up front. Big things to come from. him as long as he stays fit.
  11. Canny beat having a heavy drink.
  12. Exactly, and look how delighted they were to get a draw. This is team with a market value of maybe hundreds of millions (just from a quick check online tbf). Light years ahead of anything we'll face domestically.
  13. Benfica are a top side, CL level - their pressing and aggression was tough to play against. Never felt comfortable at any point in the game, and no shame to come away unbeaten in two games having scored 5 goals against them. Obviously frustrating the way the games panned out but still in a strong position.
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