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  1. Registered but don't think I got any info saying when the ballot would be, unless I'm just being stupid
  2. think you are right mate. They kicked the ball out of play under no challenge a few times first half. Aye they have quality but if we had been at our best the game was there for us. We really are lacking from energy and aggression in midfield and quality in last third. Frustratingly flat at times.
  3. Mark Hateley, October 1st, 1994 v Dundee Utd (2-0) Laudrup then scored a worldie in front of where I was sitting in Broomloan. Been my favourite ever player since.
  4. He fucking loves it here.
  5. I found the 'dignified apology' comment a bit unnecessary. If a Conservative politician had called a girl 'a black horse' and then apologized I doubt anyone would be commending the dignity of the apology. I get that there's always gonna be political point scoring but the sanctimonious moral high-grounding turns the stomach. It was the same when Frankie Boyle started having a go at Gervais on trans people, after slaughtering disabled and/or missing weans for a laugh during his career, its' like don't get ahead of yourself...
  6. Lump in the throat stuff - very emotional seeing how much weight he has lost but whatever he has been through what a fighter to be back out! Sir Walter, the Greatest.
  7. 7 keepers is a good laugh. Should be covered there.
  8. hate the international break.
  9. Roma just signed a left back and have one of the players of the Euros coming back from injury. Them buying Borna makes no sense
  10. Probably not the right thread but that Dylan avatar is class man, I've got the Rolling Thunder Revue tour on vinyl. That cunt and Laudrup are my heros, anyway mwi but quality.
  11. That's what I want to see from a Rangers team. Even if not at our best quality wise, on the front foot, winning every tackle and tearing into second balls. Fuck angeball, they couldn't live with us when we jumped on the front foot and made it happen. I can forgive a missed pass if I see every one bleeding for the cause, we had that at the start of that half and if we get our top form back, no-one can live with us. I've been very critical of us this season but I think this should be a turning point. Thats the standard. They will fear us. We fear no-one.
  12. He did alright when he came on, needs to go a long way from that to convince me he is our class but go on son, prove me wrong.
  13. Listening to Gary Mac interview dont think he is leaving. That is a personal moment for him and the doctor getting back to his levels.
  14. Mate thats a good call out, I think rushing back to try make the Euros has impacted him physically and psychologically. And today he got rewards after putting it in. Lets hope so - he can be quite active on instagram so might get a clue there soon
  15. Deserved shout out. Played with a lot of heart today. Some dodgy distribution but delivered when it mattered for the goal. Not sure ending means he is off, from where I was sitting in SJR at time I thought he just looked emotional as very likely he was injured and knows he has been carrying something for a while, and got through it. We'll find out soon enough.
  16. True. Was a fucking stroll for the big man.
  17. Loved how sharp and confident he looked. Always alert off his line and made some crucial saves. On yerself young man.
  18. So proud of the big man today. What a performance. Won his battle with Kyogo hands down.
  19. Will the real Borna Barisic please stand up tonight... In an ideal world if we get early goals I would get Kelly on and bring off Kamara ahead of Sunday.
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