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  1. One of the World's greatest players.Not the greatest or most complete footballer. As well as his consummate skill and personality he will be remembered as an infamous cheat and sadly for him and his career, an addict ,sent home in disgrace from a World Cup.
  2. Enjoying the self implosion.Now if it was us in their position every ex celtic player with Sutton leading the charge would be would be quoted being critical of us .But the vast majority of the attacks on Lennon are coming from their own,not so much his ex player buddies except Commons who was told to zip it .Wee Shuggie on Snyde is gving him pelters and of couse pal Sutton is blaming everyone except 'Lenny'.Sutton is much quieter than usual particularly about us ..no surprise at all .
  3. I always look for his post match grin and obvious joy when we win.Even his stance on camera says it all..the dogs bollocks.
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