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  1. Ok he has deserved some cautions.But the level of carding against him is shameful and absolutely ridiculous.IF he played in another country it simply would not happen.Bias,prejudice,attention seeking from officials,incompertence....and not one journo or broadcaster is calling it out.
  2. Not for me nor Fleck for that matter at any time now or in the future.Saw enough of him first time round.
  3. He needs a solid gold plated reference. He really struggled to get a coaching job down south last time . No doubt ,at best, he will get a few TV and Radio slots like his pal Hartson
  4. Excerpt from Scottish Sun: ( Lennon's) second spell as celtic boss is expected to end imminently - with No2 John Kennedy put in interim charge. celtic’s horror season went from bad to worse in Dingwall - leaving them 18 points behind Rangers. Lennon is now set to depart the club he has served as player, coach and manager for the best part of two decades. The 49-year-old has been under huge pressure for the last five months, with punters calling for him to be axed. But celtic powerbrokers Dermot Desmond and Peter Lawwell stayed loyal to the club legend. They
  5. Barry Ferguson condemning players behaviour..mmmm...pot kettle black.i seem to recall Walter Smith dragging him over the coals for his unacceptable public behaviour whilst representing Rangers on international duty.
  6. DAVE King has revealed that his fear of Scotland becoming a one club country and celtic winning 30 TITLES in a row prompted him to get involved in a bid to oust the old Rangers regime. King became the major shareholder in the Ibrox club when he bought a 15 per cent stake back in January 2015 – and he seized control at his boyhood heroes along with John Gilligan and Paul Murray at an EGM just two months later. The Glasgow-born South, Africa-based financier, who stood down as chairman after five years last March, is delighted that Steven Gerrard’s side are set to win the Premiership in
  7. Plenty of people are breaching lockdown in the social context with visits and interaction with friends and family.That is the reality.I am not condoning it just stating facts honestly .We do not have any real info on what allegedly happened ,who precisely was involved and in what context. I find it ironic that players can hug and slobber all over each other on a football pitch when a goal is scored but cannot in a relatively small group interact with each other socially. I have a feeling this whole reported 'episode' has been blown up out of all proportion. I am sure th
  8. SG Is talking up Mick Beale and rightly so. Delighted when i heard SG was bringing MIck with him to Rangers. No chance of SG going to liverpool for a few years yet.
  9. SFA were informed over 20 years of serious abuse allegations and did nothing.The grey veil serving as 'suspicion' but it is asserted no direct knowledge of abuse is a whitewash. Radio Clyde giving minimum air time to it.More concerned about rgiving time to referree decisions and compliance .
  10. Scrap the whole compliance farrago. It is not comprehensive in coverage ,highly inconsistent in referrals,media highlighted and driven ,selective in focus,secretive,unfair,highly contentious and is clearly not fit for purpose. It causes more damage,anger and controversy than it provides clear and just outcomes and transparency. Get rid of it now.
  11. The Sun never learns,insulting and using gutter language to describe a fanbase. A god way of decreasing your circulation.
  12. not enough drive and energy going forward,more of a mopping up/defensive holding player
  13. 'Who can forget the improper use of elipsis?...(.)' Dingwall is that you?Got to be.............lol
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