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  1. Went on Kerryfail for a laugh and to enjoy their pain. Loads of references to carrots,shampoo and that poor H** team. Ajeti,Rogic and McCarthy in particular getting pelters .They are dreading the next 3 games and October in general.Ange now being compared unfavourably to Mowbray. Apparently Dundee United were denied a stonewall penalty by Clancy..no surprise there, eh. The general consensus is that they are a mid table team at best.Oh dear....lol.
  2. Opposition...Jordan Marshall their left back definitely has potential...one to watch.
  3. Devine has always stoutly defended faith schools..no surprise there. Childhood friends being separated at age 5 on the basis of faith and religious dogma then coming into the equation is so morally wrong in my personal view.Creating difference breeds ignorance ,division and fear. Those who pontificate about an inclusive society are kidding themselves.What are religious leaders so afraid of in allowing the full integration of children in our educational system?
  4. The DR has very noiticeably cooled it recently in their volume of negative articles about us. McGivern was last featured demanding a response from the club on H and H but I have seen nothing since. Clearly the action in highlighting historic abuse by certain of their reporters has made them rein their spleen in about that issue and general negativity about us. They did not cover the Godley exclusive...covered extensively by all the media in Scotland..even the National propaganda rag front paged it..for obvious reasons. It looks like they are hoping that time will take the sting out of the focus and serious complaints about the unacceptable actions of their named reporters .
  5. Stewart trying on for the umpteenth time the classic deflection and blame transference tactic with regard to the Nationalist bigot Godley. It is what we have come to expect from him and those of similar ilk.Best ignored.
  6. Met Jonatan while she worked at Langbank Golf Club.
  7. Watching this program last week.A potential English buyer likes a property so much he compares it to his Champion club side shouting out their name.The attractive Scottish female presenter Jean responds with a shout ... No...Glasgow Rangers.It turns out her surname is Johansson and having checked her out she is married to Jonatan Johansson former Gers player and coach .Nice one Jean!
  8. I know a lot of Protestants and people who identify as such who vote SNP.Some of them are Gers fans.Clearly that pattern is widespread when a clown like Humza can be voted in with an 8000 majority.
  9. Doing those lads now smacks of butterfly on the wheel punishment in light of recent events.
  10. Allegedly told client legal aid application had been sent.After she left application unsent found in case file.
  11. As a solicitor let a female client down badly in a domestic abuse case which the clent reported to the Law Society.Skedadled quickly prior to case verdict into politics where she let even more women down. Appointing alter ego Godley....aw schucks...'these things happen'. Do we all see a pattern emerging ? Bad decision making,crass incompetence and extremely poor judgement.
  12. Eastwood Theatre in a campus that includes St Ninians School and its Council HQ where the CEO is based. She has been publicly outed for bile about gays,disabled people,gypsies and offensive sectarian and racist tweets.Get it cancelled East Ren.
  13. Godleys Big Soup Tour due at Eastwood Theatre,Giffnock on 14 and 15 October.East Renfrewshire Council should cancel it iimmediately.
  14. Incredibly the Daily Record continuing to ignore the huge elephant in the room.Gone beyond embarrassing now.
  15. Scottish Sun online headlining Godley story.Record online totally ignoring it.How strange..lol
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