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Found 1 result

  1. Charlie Mann is a long term contributor to BBC Radio Scotland's output, probably 25 years worth. He originates from Huntly and is an avid supporter of the Aberdeen. He is not a lonely Don at Pacific Quay, big Rheinhart Gordon, Liam McLeod, Jonathon Sutherland, Michael Grant, ......... etc are chorusing the Nothern Lights too. Charlie used to be a lot more senior but he took a 3 year sabatical as Hearts owner, Vladimir Romanov's Public Relations Officer. Jim Traynor was NOT the first BBC Scotland employee to take the poacher turned gamekeeper journey. Before his sabatical, Charlie regularly flashed his Dandy Don credentials by regularly sticking it on anything Rangers. He returned to BBC Scotland a couple of years past and I have not heard any snide remarks or sniggering references to his time as Romanov's dolly. In fact, he was welcomed back into the fold with open arms despite not spilling the beans on Romanov(I suspect he signed an agreement to ensure no comment). Remember, Romanov has specifically refused to speak to BBC Scotland for a number of years, Charlie would have denied former colleagues access to information. Compare and contrast with the treatment being regularly reserved for Traynor, it would appear that Cosgrove, Spence, and English are determined to keep the hate warm with their constant sniping. We can only conclude that BBC Scotland's attitude to JT is personal and not principled. I am sure the Rangers factor in this equation would have helped swing it to the former. Yesterday, post match; Charlie Mann had a wee rant about the size of the 45,000 attendance and their lack of engagement with game, particularly the subdued atmosphere in the second half. He arrived at the comfortable conclusion that 'defiance' was alone in motivating the Ibrox legions. Derek Ferguson interupted him and suggested the style of play might not be motivating the crowd, he enquired whether Barrie McKay had started? Charlie let the cat out the bag by initially answering, "who"? He recovered to begin shuffling his notes for his team sheet as Ferguson explained McKay and his contribution to Rangers. Charlie confidently interupted Derek with a firm, "no". Honestly, Charlie Mann did not have clue on two counts during his 3-4 hours at Ibrox yesterday. Firstly, the subdued atmosphere was largely down to the tragic death of a fellow Bear during the match and it was blatently obvious he had never heard of Barrie McKay. Simply, Charlie did not want to be at the stadium and he did not engage with proceedings. This lack of awareness of all things Rangers at BBC Scotland will continue, recently on another forum(Gersnet) I listed over 30 names of those who regularly contributed to BBC Scotland's football output. There were several Yahoos, several Dandy Dons, a couple of Jambos, Hibees, Arabs, and another several Saintees, Raith Rovers, Motherwell, and Dumbarton supporters. Only two of the 30-odd could be considered Rangers men, one Billy Dodds is on record as, "no longer considering himself a Rangers supporter" and Derek Ferguson answers the question by continually hyping his beloved Accies. BBC Scotland do not engage the Rangers support and have no intention of doing so anytime soon, Charlie Mann's woeful contribution yesterday proves the point.
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