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  1. Quick! Get your Retro Rangers T-Shirts now - Limited Shelf Life!!! You've probably forgotten all about these Rangers Lotto charity t-shirts which we bought from Rangers Youth Development Company back in the day. We did too. Turns out we still had a box of 20 t-shirts stashed away and long forgotten. Now they're found, and so we now need to sell these t-shirts quickly before it's too late! If you want one (or more), PM me @Zetland now!! £7 each (plus £1 postage). Only 20 left, so you'd better be quick! All proceeds from these t-shirt sales wil
  2. *** Welcome to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund - Annual Fundraiser/Membership - Season 2020/21 *** I'm sure you already know all about the RM Erskine Fund, and why you should support it, but here's a summary (cut and pasted from last season's thread!): The RM Erskine Fund is a voluntary fundraising group funded by RM Member donations (and other occasional fundraising activities), now entering its 6.5th season. I've lost count of how much we've raised (and spent wisely!) in that time. But for sure, it's WELL over a hundred thousand pounds. It's definitely made a difference; and
  3. Our mid-season Fundraiser is still in full swing, and hopefully we'll receive a few more donations from New Members over the next week, but here's where we are right now... Amount raised from Member donations since 28th October: £1780 We should all be very proud of that total. The money raised in the Mid-Season Fundraiser is specifically for Christmas, so here's what we've done... I'm just back from Asda, with a carload of whisky, gin, wine, beer, biscuits, chocolates and sweets - and a Bear! We'll get it all delivered to Erskine a
  4. Greetings fellow Bears. Yes, it's that time again. Okay, so technically we're not at the mid-season yet, but Christmas is fast approaching, and we want to be sure we can give Erskine our traditional Christmas Bonus Cheques in time for them to actually spend them. Times are hard, and Christmas is expensive for everyone, so if you're short of cash, please don't feel the need to donate, but if you do have some spare cash, please fire a little bit of it our way, and we will make sure it gets put to good use as always. Your donation will support the following:
  5. For more information on what the RM Erskine Fund is about, and for details on how YOU can contribute, please check out this Season's Official Thread... It’s been a while since I gave any detailed updates on Fund Activity, so here is a rundown of what we’ve been up to already this season. You may remember that we ended last season with a triumphant Champion’s League Final Night at Ibrox, with Erskine winning the Star Prize… And then it was straight back to business, for Season 2019/20, with the biggest expense of th
  6. Today we have available 2 tickets (Copland Front) for Sunday's game. SOLD OUT They will be raffled as a pair, using the National Lottery Bonusball draw which will be on Wednesday night. So if you want one or two of those bonusball numbers, and a 1 or 2 in 59 chance of winning those 2 tickets, add a post here quickly, choosing your number, or PM me, quickly. First come, first served. Entry cost: £4 (half will go to Erskine, half will go to Bravehound). Max two entries per member. Payment will be via the RM Erskine Fund's usual PayPal address. PM me if you don
  7. The RangersMedia Erskine Fund does a lot more than it says on the tin. Yes, we support Erskine Veterans Care Home by providing Season tickets for All Home Games, giving them bucketloads of official merchandise and memorabilia, sending them off on day trips here there and everywhere, buying them pints, fish suppers, Sweeties at Christmas, Christmas Trees, Santa Suits, pyjamas, Nights out at Ibrox, Winning Framed Shirts for them every year, etc etc, I could go on. I usually do. And yes, we support Combat Stress, who look after some of our younger Veterans in need of support, by provid
  8. Greetings Fellow Bears, Many of you will already be familiar with the RM Erskine Fund Season Ticket Scheme which has ensured many many Veterans have enjoyed many many Home Games over the last few seasons. Although we've downsized our activity of late, we have about half a dozen diehard Bluenose Veterans from Erskine, Bravehound and Combat Stress still on our books who are always mad keen to get a chance to see the Boys in Blue, and I would hate for them to miss out on any games just because I couldn't be bothered starting a thread. Last week, Jimmy (Erskine/Bravehound/Combat Str
  9. No it’s not a clickbait title- for once! So after 6 years of fundraising, I’ve finally decided that it’s finally time for me to finally hang up my gloves, and finally start to draw the curtain down on my overly-long involvement in what was actually only supposed to be a one-off fundraiser. There are lots of random, unrelated and non-controversial reasons behind my decision, the main one being health-related, so that’s the end of that discussion! I’m sure many of you will be delighted at the news of my retirement, because let’s face it, I’m an annoying cunt, even on a goo
  10. @4ladshadadream @40delboy40 @72barca @ab4113 @Ace @AGC123 @Andy Little's Boots @archangel gabriel amato @As I Was Walking.... @Aubie92 @Bad Robot @BallochBear @bbloyal @Big Al II @Bigdave30 @BILLYBOY50 @BluebearDory @BLUEDIGNITY @Bluekev @Blue Rino @Brackley @BridgeIsBlue @BRITNEY IS NOT FEELING IT @Burnbank Derry @Callum Doon @Carling1873 @CoopsLaud @Cracked Actor @Crispy Bear @Dan Deacon @D'Artagnan @dougie76 @EKCO @G13 @Goggs @govanblue @govansw1 @graeme_4 @gsa @HairyBeary @hammer93 @hammer time @HG5 @Hoody @its_an_extender @Jakes Pal @JC10 @jintybear @johntee @Jonok @King's Troop @Kirkinti
  11. RangersMedia Erskine Fund – End of Season Fundraiser. Well folks, here we are again It’s Season Ticket renewal time, which means we need to find another £3000 to renew our Erskine and Combat Stress Season Tickets. We also have Champions League Final Night at Ibrox, which is always very popular with the Veterans, and will set us back another £600. And before we know it, we’ll be back to to back to back friendlies and Europa Qualifiers, which fingers crossed, will also set us back a load of cash! These games are particularly important for our Erskine Veterans, because the we
  12. Seems like only yesterday... Which is my roundabout way of saying: 1. Season 19/20 is upon us, whether we're Ready or not. 2. Support the RangersMedia Erskine Fund, because that's what we'll do with your £3. And maybe just a wee bit of this too...
  13. May I introduce Robert Johnston, Aged 96, Erskine Glasgow Resident and Lifelong Bear... who was delighted to receive his new top recently, courtesy of RM Erskine Fund Members. He doesn't get to as many games as he'd like these days, but he's delighted that there's a season ticket sitting waiting for him any time he fancies it. And then we have Big Thank-You's from four Erskine Bishopton Bears, also delighted with their tops, and looking forward to wearing them at as many games as possible next season. Charlie 'Ding
  14. It's been 5 years since I made that post, and I've never ever needed to follow it up, because every D-Day since has been marked by a Heroic and Legendary Donation from Keeps01. This year, the 75th anniversary of D-Day, is no exception. Keeps01 has delivered once again, and Erskine are delighted to receive their traditional annual delivery of 160 whisky miniatures, which are always a most welcome addition to the Veteran's D-Day Ration Packs. Check it out... Oh there is one sad bit of news though. In a tragic hunting accident, Keeps01 has lost his profi
  15. Many thanks to @King's Troop and @WILLIAM BEAR who have once again donated their unused season tickets to the Fund for the Hibs game. Those tickets were gratefully received by a couple of ex-Servicemen. Here's an account from one of them, an ex-Argyll if I remember correctly. He and his son were over the moon to get some free tickets and came down from Inverness for a day to remember... And before anybody says anything about those photos - I know!!! But he's only you
  16. We have one pair of tickets for Sundays game to be raffled (using the National Lottery Bonusball to decide the winning number). Many thanks to @Sparkle once again for donating her unused seats. If you would like to win these 2 tickets, just add a post here, and tell us how many bonusball entries you would like. Entries cost £2 each and you can choose your own bonusball number from the remaining numbers. Don't pay any money just yet, because I'm hopeful that once other Fund Members see this thread, we may get another unused ticket or two donated. If that happens, then
  17. Welcome to the RM Erskine Fund - Members Thread - Season 2018/19 The RM Erskine Fund is a voluntary fundraising group funded by RM Member donations (and other occasional fundraising activities), now entering its 5.5th season. I've lost count of how much we've raised (and spent wisely!) in that time. But for sure, it's WELL over a hundred thousand pounds. It's definitely made a difference; and all we need from you to keep it rolling is a measly tenner!! The Fund's primary role is to provide Recreational Treats directly to the Residents of Erskine Veterans Care Homes.
  18. Greetings! You may have noticed that I've been out of the game for the last few months. Well I'm back in the game now. I've got a bit of catching up to do, and I notice that there are hundreds of new Forum Members who haven't signed up to the RM Erskine Fund. Let's sort that, shall we? If you haven't already donated to the Fund, then please do so. You can afford it, and your donation will be put to much better use than any other donation you may make elsewhere. If you're already a Fund Member, but haven't donated to our current (optional) Mid-Season Top-Up Fundra
  19. And with two weeks to go till our next Home Game, I don't really know what to do with myself. I guess I'll have to just focus on building up the Squad. The time has just rushed past, and we're fast approaching the November Mid-Season Fundraiser - you know? the one that pays for Erskine's Christmas parties. And normally I would ask all existing Members to consider making another small donation. But when I look at this season's membership list, I see that there are only around 80 names on it. Which is significantly lower than the 220 or so who donated last
  20. The RangersMedia Erskine Fund - Hall of Fame - 2017/18 238 Members @10pshortof17pound @1bluebaba @40delboy40 @Ace @AdmiralBlue @AGC123 @AlCapone @Andy Little's Boots @archangel gabriel amato @As I Was Walking.... @A.T.G @Aubie92 @Bad Robot @BallochBear @Bears r us @better than all the rest @Big Al II @Bil @Bill8972 @billscott @BILLYBOY50 @Billythebear77 @BlearyEyedBear @Blue72 @BlueAvenger @Blue Avenger @blueballss @BluebearDory @BlueboyG @BLUEDIGNITY @bluegecko @Bluekev @bluenose1975 @Blue Nosed Babe @Blueofblood @bluepeter @Bluepeter9 @blueretro @Blue Rino @Blue Sheep @Bobby Hume
  21. Annoyingly, the Erskine and Combat Stress Season Tickets need to be renewed before the season starts, which means that we really need to have money in place before the season starts, and therefore before we've started the New Season Fundraiser. Otherwise, if we wait till the season starts, then our Veterans will miss the first few games while I desperately try to squeeze 3 grand out of you. So to get around that, what we're doing is asking anyone who has a bit of spare cash now to donate a couple of quid or whatever to the Fund now. If we get a good few donations, then that gives us
  22. current highest bids: Size XL - £25.00 - Gazza2258 Size S - £23.00 - Sweettartangirl RangersMedia Erskine Fund is delighted to bring to the market these two classic examples, circa mid-2018, of the finest Rangers Lotto T-Shirts that Turkish Lira can buy. One is size XL And one is size S As featured in the Daily Record... When they're gone, they're gone. What am I bid? And Many thanks to @1bluebaba for very generously donating them to the RM Erskine Fund.
  23. Greetings Fellow Bears, and welcome to our definitely absolutely FINAL Fundraiser of the season. And we've saved the best till last - A Double-Your-Money Guarantee!!! @Darth Bear works for DHL, who as you know, have always been the Fund's favourite logistics company. And DHL, good folk that they are, have an employee charity support scheme whereby they will match anything their employee raises for their chosen charity - up to a maximum of £600. Darth is a nutjob, and is therefore going to put himself through yet another Tough Mudder (10-12 mile assault course designed by
  24. Hi Folks, I think I've got my sums wrong and we find ourselves two tickets short for Friday. If anyone has their 2 season tickets enabled for the Bury game, but aren't going to make it, please consider donating them to the RM Erskine Fund where a couple of deserving Veterans are ready to make use of them. As always, I don't need your smartcard, just your Rangers number. And don't even think about coming in here with any smart-arsed comments about "other RSC"s - unless you're also donating seats!
  25. Why rent, when you can buy? Original target: £420 Amount raised (so far...) £1362.64 So that will get us a nice little Labrador pup. Cost: £950 And no, we're not calling him William of Orange (Pigeon) - we're calling him Broxi. And little Broxi is gonna need insurance. That's gonna cost £500, plus an extra £100 for Vets fees not covered by the insurance. So yeah, we still need a little bit more in the way of donations - unless you want me to dip in to the Erskine Fund?
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