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  1. HI all, just a quick thread. Tickets for the BIG Raffle won't be on sale for at least a week or so.But in the meantime, if you already know about The Big Raffle, and Wee Joshua, and want to reserve some raffle tickets, then just PM me or add a post here. No need to tell mjohnstoe how many just yet. You can buy as many as you want once they go on sale. They'll be £10 each. Here's the list of raffle prizes so far... http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/301888-raffle-prizes-wanted/ People wanting Tickets: @Perth_Campsie_Ger - £10 PAID
  2. First things first - if you're not already an RM Erskine Fund Member, then please join now. Membership for the remainder of the Season 2016/2017 costs only a minimum of £10 (or more if you prefer) That's it. Pretty cheap, huh? PM me to sign up. 213 RM Members have already done just that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are already an RM Erskine Fund Member, and want to make another donation, then who am I to stand in your way. Just PM me for donation instructions. ---------------------------------------
  3. Fancy a Fun-Filled Family Day out this weekend?... For Sale: 4 Tickets for Rangers v Partick Thistle. Family Section (BR2 - 2 Adult & 2 Child) £40 Respond quickly, and I'll post the tickets to you tomorrow, in time for the game. Otherwise you can meet me to collect them at Ibrox All proceeds to Wee Josh Appeal. Go on - your kids will love you for it.
  4. Erskine contacted me today about the Erskine Golf Day on Tuesday 16th August (A week today!!) They're planning on holding a fundraising auction after the golf, but apparently they're struggling to get any half-decent auction prizes, and they've asked us if we can help. I'm sure we're all happy to oblige, but I don't see the point of us simply buying something to donate that anyone else can buy at the same price. So I scratched my head to think of something we've got that money can't buy. The answer is of course - our seats! So my proposal is to ask our fellow members if t
  5. Rangers v Hibs - Sunday 23rd August, 12:30 kick off (League) If your S/T Seat(s) is going to sit empty for this game, and you'd like to donate it to us so that we can get some Erskine & Combat Stress Veterans along to the game, then please PM me.
  6. Dilemma: The front of the West Enclosure is bloody freezing - especially for the Old Folk. Solution: That's easy - 10 blankets. Only £4 each. Dilemma: Only available from Rangers Megastore / Sports Direct. Ach well - sometimes we just have to sup with the devil. I very much doubt our reluctant £45 will swing his fortunes either way, but it will make a big difference to our Veterans. Warm Veterans are far more important here than petty politics, or even global politics, and that's not up for discussion.
  7. RM Erskine Rangers Recreation Fund - Season 2015/16 Ordinary RM Members Supporting Extraordinary Erskine Veterans. Donate here: http://www.rangersmedia.co.uk/paypal.html Welcome to the New RM Erskine Fund Thread – Season 2015/16 Latest Accounts: http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=284912 (The previous thread can be found here… http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=283308&page=41#entry1062778380 and all the other Fund threads can be found here… http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?
  8. Greetings fellow RM Members, Just wanted to let you all know that the RM Erskine Fund's current, and last-ever, annual Fundraiser will be ending at 2:59:59 pm on Saturday 16th July. So this is your last chance to make a contribution to the work undertaken by the Fund, and the last chance for you to put any objections aside, and to become a part of maybe not the coolest gang on RM, but certainly the nicest. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go and purchase 14 tickets for Erskine and Combat Stress for the next two Cup Games. (If we don't nobody else will. That's worth
  9. Do you sit in the West Enclosure, and are you sometimes a bit lazy? If so, then why not consider signing up to the RM Erskine Veterans West Enclosure Lazy Bastards Club. It's simple - and it's Free! You just give me your seat details, then if you're not going to make it to any particular game, you let me know, and we can give your seat to Erskine for the game. Interested? PM me.
  10. D-Day 2014 Interlude - Hogmanay 2014/15 D-Day 2015 D-Day 2016 - Landing as we speak. Photos will follow once Erskine get their internet fixed. Many Thanks to Keeps01 who has singlehandedly kept this great tradition going for the 3rd year running. Pity about the rest of you though! Oh, and apparently there was some other shit going down back in '44. You can learn all about that with this great sticker pack. Only £2.50... https
  11. I've just received a card from some Residents of Hollybush House... It was sent back in February, after the Rangers v Kilmarnock cup game, but due to an error on my part, it got lost in the post! Anyway, here's the message inside... Dear [RangersMedia Fund Members], My name is [ S ] and I'm an in-patient at Hollybush House. Myself, [ D ] , [ P ] , [ P ] and [ W ] were able to attend the Rangers v Kilmarnock match on the 6th February. This was not only a really enjoyable day, but it was also a chance for us to challenge one of our symptoms of PTSD in being
  12. EDIT: ALL FUND ACTIVITY IS NOW ON THE NEW THREAD... Welcome to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund Season 2016/17 Official Thread. - A Fund made up of donations from RangersMedia Members, to provide Rangers-Related Treats for Veteran Bears. Our aims and priorities for season 2016/17: 1. To provide the following for Erskine Veterans’ Care Homes: Season Tickets Disabled Hospitality Tickets Rangers TV Annual Subscriptions Rangers Match Programme annual subscriptions Cup Tickets (home games) Whisky Miniatures for Er
  13. Dear RM Members, Erskine Bishopton have asked me to pass on this message to you... And here are some photos from the Stadium Tour (none from the lunch yet) As you can see, they were all jolly excited... (left to right: Tommy, Dinger, John, Donald) Always Remembered. And for good measure, we managed to squeeze in a couple of Veterans from Erskine Glasgow too. So quite simply, if you want to see these chaps smiling again next season, then you need to
  14. So after much deliberation, I've decided it's time to retire from the Fund. I think it's run its course, and judging by the lack of posts on the Fundraiser thread, I think it's lost its novelty value. Luckily it achieved all its aims before that though. The only issue is that it will leave us with no money to spend on our Veterans next season. So to get round that, what I want to do is to start the Mother of all End-of-Season Fundraisers, and nail you all for every penny you've got right now. If we're lucky, we'll raise enough money to buy some season tickets for Erskine for n
  15. Rangers have now announced the launch of the new Colin Stein Wall Panel. It will be situated next to the new Fernando Ricksen Panel (underneath the Sandy Jardine Stand, behind Argyle Houe) Bricks cost £50 - unless you're a RangersMedia member. For you it's only £40 Yes that's right. Once again, the RM Erskine Fund is delighted to bring to you the best price for the best bricks in the best stadium in the land. For each £40 brick purchased via the RM Erskine Fund, £40 goes to Rangers Youth Development Company, and £10 goes to MND Scotland. Yes I know that doesn't add up - that's the magic of t
  16. Erskine Veterans Ibrox Day Out We haven't had one of these for ages, so it's time to put that right. Many thanks to Rangers Charity Foundation who have once again donated 10 Stadium Tour Tickets Free of Charge for our Erskine Veterans. (That's 50 they've given us now in total) So a group of Veterans and Carers from Erskine Bishopton will be heading along on Tuesday 5th April for that. After that, the RM Erskine Fund will provide lunch and a beer for them all in the Argyle Restaurant. (That will cost £150) Also, I was chatting to one of the Erskine Staff today, and he
  17. Christmas Presents for Erskine Veterans. With the help of Santa's Little Large Helpers... Bad RobotBandit BillyBandit Billy's BoyBEEben51BilbluegeckomamageckobluebovrilBluepeter9Bobby HumeCorky True LegendCourtyard BearCarling1873DomthenbudEaglesham bearEKCOfanaticCRG13Ger77gmcfgovanblueHG5Jasper BluesK.A.Ijamessmearns loyalNamibianBearNavyBearpcbearrab wilsonRangersRadioTaipantangoTEFTONGthistlemantravelrugYoung Bob Many of the Erskine Veterans, have few surviving relatives, and rarely, if ever receive visitors. So Christmas can be quite a lonely time for some Veterans. Luckily the Erskine S
  18. http://www.rangersmedia.co.uk/forum/donate.html Dear Members, Yes, it's that time of the season already - the Dreaded November Fundraiser. This is where we try to raise the money to pay for Christmas for our Erskine Veterans... We need £500 to give each of the 5 Erskine Homes £100 towards their Christmas Dinner Celebrations. That was money well spent last year, allowing one Home to buy their very own Santa Suit, one Home to buy a new Christmas tree, and all the Homes to buy some decent Whisky and Christmas Crackers. So same again this year hopefully. And we'll obviously want to provide some
  19. Mrs Eagle’s Rangers Charity Shop Long-standing Fund Members will already be aware of the great bargains Mrs’ Eagle’s RangersCharity Shop has provided for RM Members over the last few years, but for those of you who don’t know, Mrs’ Eagle’s Rangers Charity Shop was founded by RFC Eagle (but run by govanblue), in memory of his late wife, Nicola, who loved Rangers, Charity, and Shops. The aim of the charity shop is twofold… To raise money to support our Rangers-Related Causes To ensure our Members get Great Deals on some Great Items.The Charity Shop will soon be back with some fantastic
  20. WW2 Pilot Aged 101 Finally Caught In Raid You may have heard the recent reports of the recent spate of thefts in Erskine… 0min 45s: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0rh7a57ttU#t=0m45s Burglar “Bomber” Bill (101) from Erskine Mains Home has finally been captured, and brought down in this, his latest audacious raid. Our Sources have obtained exclusive CCTV footage from the scene of the crime… Last night, Victims spoke of their terror… (They might look happy enough here, but underneath, you can tell they’re still hurting - there's only
  21. If you have activated your SmartCard for the Burnley game on Tuesday, but you won't be able to make the game, you can donate your seat to the RM Erskine Fund and enable a deserving Veteran to get to the game. All you need to do is PM me a couple of details, and I can get a paper replacement for your seat, and give it to a Veteran from Combat Stress on Tuesday. No smartcards need to change hands! If your seat is just a single seat, that's still okay - We can probably buy the seat right next to it for this game, so the Veterans can sit with a pal. Each seat donated has a value of £10, so that
  22. On Wednesday, I’ll be visiting Erskine, and dropping off all the stuff that I’ve collected over the last few months. A lot of great stuff has already been posted or delivered directly from members (I’ll try to get some photos of it all when I’m there), and this is the remainder. Here’s a list of what I'll be dropping off: Donated by Co. Armagh RSCs: 4 Barcelona 40 Year Anniversary Commemorative Medals 4 SPL Division 3 Winners Commemorative Medals 4 Copies of The Official Rangers Hall of Fame (book) by Lindsay Herron Donated by Mrs Eagle’s Rangers Charity Shop: 4 Rangers Beanie Bears – Excellen
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