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Found 3 results

  1. Email I've sent to the mirror (sister of Daily Record)...hopefully they ask for more info so I'd like to work with you @Virtuoso as I know you have been posting a lot of material from VB. I've taken a lot of their extracts in this email so I hope they do not mind. Hopefully after time we can send them links to the site. ----------------------------------------------- Good evening, I would like to draw your attention to the lack of reporting being carried out by your sister paper, the Daily Record, on the current scandal which has shocked the whole of the UK. It may surprise you that this is not the first of its kind to be discovered in Scotland, which was first investigated by the Daily Record during the early 90s. This led to a conviction and justice for a small amount victims, and various journalists of the daily record received outstanding journalism awards for helping put an end to the abuse carried out at Celtic FC. It will also shock you to know that at the time of reporting, there was a lot of rumours of covering the abuse...from boardroom level to manager which allowed the perpetrators to carry on, either moving from club to club or returning at a later date. This was all reported at the time, yet I find it surprising that none of these facts have been brought back into the spotlight despite all the good work carried out by your journalists around 20 years ago. I believe now that the FA is targeting those who committed the crimes and those who did nothing to help the children who have suffered, and I believe this is exactly what has happened here in Scotland, based on various sources and material that has accumulated over the years. I draw to your attention the following extracts from the Daily Record and Scotland on Sunday. The dates of these extracts have been added to assist if you feel the need to find the source of these investigations. I believe there is a systematic cover up of abuse in Scotland, particularly Celtic Football Club. There are now known to be at least 2 paedophiles working together at Celtic after the latest confession of Frank McCafferty who resides in Northern Ireland, and the previous conviction of James Torbett. There are also extracts from a newspaper about how McCafferty left Celtic for personal reasons after allegations of indecency were made against him at Celtic. I believe shortly after he joined Hibernian, and therefore, was allowed to carry on working with children. There was also a third man found with indecent photographs of boys whilst working for Celtic, John Cullen who the Daily Record have also investigated around 12 years ago. I would also like to draw your attention to Frank Cairney, very influential at Celtic Boys Club and who also stood trial for allegations made against young children. Due to lack of evidence he was acquitted, but now there seems to be a systematic ring for trusted coaches to abuse children. I am hopeful with more exposure, victims will be able to come forward and put an end to their suffering which has gone on for far too long. Please add Extracts below. “A pervert photographer was snared when cleaners at Celtic Park uncovered a bin bag full of photos of naked boys. John Cullen,who worked for official club magazine The Celtic View, took pictures of nude and semi-naked youths. And he was snared after a hoard of the snaps were discovered inside Parkhead stadium……” Daily Record 13th March 2004 "Jock Stein and the Celtic board covered up allegations made against Boys' Club founder Jim Torbett…… He (witness Hugh Birt) told how he took the allegations against Torbett to the Celtic board and Stein and even told the then vice-chairman, Kevin Kelly, about them at a meeting…… I was told by Jock Stein to keep the name of Celtic Football Club clean at all times." Daily Record, 11th July 1998. "Kevin Kelly (former Celtic Chairman), still honorary president of the (Celtic) boys' club, is a fellow director of Torbett's company The Trophy Centre, and current board member Jack McGinn is an employee……it is not clear why a man widely regarded as a child abuser was allowed back into a position of responsibility at the boys' club." "Birt claims he was concerned about the behaviour of both Cairney and Torbett - who wheedled his way back in after Jock Stein's death – and raised the matter with the club. Before he knew it Birt was asked to resign. When he stood his ground and refused, Celtic withdrew his ticket to the directors' box and he had no option but to get out." Scotland on Sunday 18th August 1996 "Dark secret that took 30 years to expose; NO MORE COVER-UPS: HOW THE RECORD BROUGHT AN END TO THE CANCER THAT EXISTED IN CELTIC BOYS' CLUB... from the boardroom to the dressing room, it was murmured that Celtic Boys' Club boss Jim Torbett was molesting young stars... to a man, the Celtic board did nothing to expose the pervert and the dreadful scandal... if ever a story had been hushed up it was this one... the shameful silence only helped the man who preyed on the teenage hopefuls, knowing they would be too afraid to reveal the truth." (6) "Victim 1 – 'the burly six-footer broke down in tears as he recalled the abuse that ended his football career and has left him depressed and lonely.' Victim 2 – 'Now an alcoholic, the man had carried his burden for 23 years. He told through tears of the night Torbett performed a sex act on him as other boys slept nearby on a Boys' Club trip to Norway. He was 13 years of age.' Victim 3 – 'He said that he had been abused by Torbett and he believed there were other victims. (He) had also been molested in Torbett's home.'" (6) "HUGH Birt's 25-year crusade has been to unmask perverts like Jim Torbett. Today, 12 years after he quit as chairman of Celtic Boys' Club over the sex abuse cover- up, Hugh is still angry. He is convinced that there are dozens of other Torbett victims suffering in silence……."Jock said to me to keep its (Celtics) name clean…..he (Birt) said (Celtic Chairman Kevin) Kelly, who had just been given a plum job at Torbett's Trophy Centre, promised to investigate and the claims were reported to the Boys' Club committee. But minutes from that meeting have vanished. Hugh claims he finally quit after a row with Kelly over the abuse claims." Daily Record 13th November 1998 As you can see, your sister paper has already uncovered an astonishing amount of evidence in the past, and now, more than ever the victims of these horrific acts need a voice, they need justice. You have a platform into every home in the country and have a duty to install confidence and belief back into the hearts of adults whose innocence was snatched when they were but children playing for the team they loved. There is more info out there, much more and yet the Scottish media and Daily Record refuses to acknowledge these past crimes and the possibility that there was an entire network of abuse within the Scottish game, and no-one in a respectable amount of power will help bring justice to the victims. I trust you will pass this to your parent company as they only take enquiries from other journalists. Thank you for reading my email, and I hope we can bring some pride back to our country after the abusers have been punished, the clubs punished for failing to protect their children and victims themselves compensated. Thanks A.T.G
  2. Delete this ,missed the other thread even after looking
  3. Just received this email RANGERS SHARE OFFER - PROSPECTUS READY THIS EMAIL IS NOT A PROSPECTUS BUT AN ADVERTISEMENT AND INVESTORS SHOULD NOT SUBSCRIBE FOR ANY SHARES REFERRED TO IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT EXCEPT ON THE BASIS OF INFORMATION IN THE PROSPECTUS. Thank you for your interest in the Rangers share offer. We are writing to you as someone who has pre-registered your interest in the Rangers Share Offer and is resident in the United Kingdom to notify you that a prospectus (the "Prospectus" ) detailing an offer to purchase shares in Rangers International Football Club plc ("The Club") has been published and can be obtained: · online at www.rangersshareoffer.com; · from Capita Registrars Limited on telephone 0871 664 9271 ( Calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm. The helpline is not able to give any financial, legal or tax advice); and · at Rangers Ticket Centre from Monday 10th December 2012. It is important that you read the whole of the Prospectus before completing an application as the Prospectus contains important information on The Club and the shares being made available under the Rangers Share Offer (the "Ordinary Shares "). In particular your attention is drawn to Part B of Part VIII of the Prospectus (Terms of the Offer) and Part II of the Prospectus (Risk Factors). Applications are now being accepted and the share offer will remain open until 1:00pm on 18 December 2012. What to do next if you want to apply for Ordinary Shares: · Go to www.rangersshareoffer.com · Follow the steps to complete your application either online or by downloading a paper application form
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