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Found 12 results

  1. “The Champions Erskine Fund” – Season 2021/22 – Annual Fundraiser!!! Welcome to our New Season Annual Fundraiser, supporting Erskine Homes, Broxi our BRAVEHOUND dug and Hollybush House (Combat Stress Treatment Centre, Ayrshire). We start this Season, in our rightful place, as Champions and what a boost that has been to our spirits! We hope we find you, our Loyal Members, in good health and Ready to go! If you are not already a Loyal Fund Member, we hope you are also in good health and Ready to go and hopefully Ready to become a Loyal Fund Member too, and help us give our Veterans something to cheer about in this monumental season. Those of you who have supported the Fund for years know that it is a voluntary fundraising group funded by RM Member donations (and other occasional fundraising activities). Over the years, we have lost count of how much we've raised (and spent wisely!) but for sure, it's WELL over a hundred thousand pounds. It's definitely made a huge difference; and all we need from you to keep it rolling is your Annual Membership fee set at £10 this Season. The Fund's primary role is to provide Recreational Treats directly to the Residents of Erskine Veterans Care Homes. We do this by providing Rangers Season Tickets, Match Tickets, Hospitality Tickets, Stadium Tours, Argyle Restaurant Lunches, Rangers TV subscriptions, Rangers merchandise and clothing, and anything else that makes life just that wee bit more special for some very special people. Doing all of this has the double bonus of putting a lot of that money directly back into The Club, and keeping those Blue Pounds Blue! Something that is important to every Bear. Season membership of The Fund is a one-off minimum donation of £10 but if you're feeling a bit flush, you can donate as much as you want!!! That's it. You don't need to donate every month or anything like that. In November, we will run a mid-season fundraiser, but you don't need to donate to that, or to the end-of season fundraiser. Most people DO donate something whenever @govanblue pops up with a new fundraiser – I guess that's because they have a couple of quid spare, and they approve of what we're doing with it. But it's always optional. The Bank and PayPal details for donations have not changed but anyone needing help just needs to send me, @Zetland, a PM and I can provide an update. Whichever method of payment, do please remember to add your RM Username as a reference for @govanblue. Finally, PayPal always requires Friends & Family to avoid Fees being deducted from your donation! (Please, please use Friends & Family!). Have a great Season Bears and as always Thanks to each and everyone of you for your Support!!!
  2. In what is becoming a RangersMedia Erskine Fund tradition, the winner of our BonusBall Raffle @ronniescu donated the prize back to the Fund - Thank you! He has requested we Auction this special item so, one of us Bears has the chance to win it. The Auction will close on Saturday 12 September @ 19.00 hours. Please post your Bids on this thread. Good Luck, Bears!
  3. Hi Everyone We have a superb print of Albertz/De Boer up for grabs in our next BonusBall Raffle. Dimensions: 74cm (29") x 70cm (28") There are 200 of these prints and we have one of them. (Number not known!) The Draw will be based on the Lotto BonusBall on Saturday, 12 September. £2.50 per number, Maximum of 3 per person. Please use the normal RangersMedia Erskine Fund Accounts, either PayPal or Bank Transfer. If you need help, PM me, @Zetland Please choose your own numbers on this thread!!! Good Luck, Bears!
  4. By popular demand we have returned to a BonusBall Raffle for Erskine. The winning prize is the beautiful Spirit of Ibrox book shown below. It is number 266 of 400 leather-bound copies, not to be confused with one of the 2000 hardback versions out there. This leather-bound version comes in a blue box with an embossed crest and a red velvet inner. The box has a few minor blemishes on the back but the book itself is in perfect condition. @govanblue wants me to stress that the 'presented to' brass plate on the front has been removed from this copy as it had personal information on it. Usual Erskine Fund Accounts for donations please or PM me, @Zetland should you need help. £3 per number for this item, Maximum 3 per person! PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO CHOOSE YOUR NUMBERS! Draw will be based on the Lotto BonusBall on Saturday, 5 September, if we sell out. Good Luck, Bears!
  5. Many of you Bears may know that @bgally won the Squad-signed Shirt in the Lotto BonusBall Raffle on Saturday night. Well he kindly donated it back to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund in the hope that it helps us raise further funds for this Season - Thank you! Anyone interested in owning the Shirt can place their Bid on this thread. The Auction will close on Monday, 31 August 2020 @ 19.00 hours. See photograph below. Good Luck, Bears!
  6. Hi Bears The RangersMedia Erskine Fund BonusBall Raffle is CLOSED. I have 0 numbers left! Thanks to ALL of you who have already supported the Erskine Fund over the years and again this Season. Cheers Z Edit: SOLD OUT!!
  7. The charity Erskine, which provides unrivalled support to Scotland’s veterans, needs extra support during these challenging times. They are currently in need of the following: Food & Drink for Staff and residents Arts & Crafts materials and activity materials for residents Financial support. Currently COVID-19 is costing they charity an additional £15,600 per week purely on PPE and additional cleaning equipment. This does not include the additional staffing costs. If you can help with any of the above please contact Kirsten Graham, Deputy Head of Fundraising. Tel: 0141 814 4618 | Email: kirsten.graham@erskine.org.uk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can donate directly on the Erskine website: https://www.erskine.org.uk/support-our-work/donating/ or you can donate via the RangersMedia Erskine Fund by the usual methods, and we will pass it on directly to Erskine. And now here are some photos from happier times...
  8. BALLS?! The Bonus ball Lotto draw is tonight. SOLD OUT! Good Luck, Bears. Cheers Z
  9. You can support Alex by donating to his Virgin Money Giving Page You can support Alex by donating to his Virgin Money Giving Page
  10. Just to let you know that today (Tuesday 21 Jan) is our third Erskine Veterans' Ibrox Day Out. 6 residents, 4 carers and 1 driver from Erskine Park Home will all enjoy a Stadium Tour, an Argyle Restaurant Lunch, and (for the Veterans) a Megastore shopping 'spree' - all paid for by you! The last Ibrox Day Out we arranged (last Tuesday for Erskine Mains Home) was a complete success, and this one was too. here are the photos from the last day... http://forum.rangers...entry1061664627 and from the one before that... http://forum.rangers...howtopic=257800
  11. “They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn” This weekend, as always, our thoughts are with the fallen. But please also spare a thought (as always) for those who did grow old and weary. In gratitude for their service, RM Sponsors’ Fund would like to treat another group of Erskine Veterans’ to an Ibrox Day Out (Stadium Tour, Argyle Restaurant Lunch and Megastore Shopping Spree). In order to do that, and some other things, we need to raise another £400 or so over the remaining season. We should easily manage that, but let’s see if we can make a dent in it right now… This weekend, if you can spare it, please donate to the RM Sponsors’ Erskine Veterans Lunch Fund. We’re not asking for large donations – all we’re asking for is the price of a bowl of soup in the Argyle Restaurant. That works out at just £3 each. So if you have £3 spare, and you want to brighten up an Erskine Veteran’s Day, you know what to do… RM Donate page. IMPORTANT: There are other important fundraising events going on in RM right now, using the RM Paypal account, so please PM GOVANBLUE once you have donated (and tell him the amount), so that we can make sure your donation goes to the Erskine Fund. Oh and here’s the report from our Last Erskine Veterans’ Ibrox Day Out if you haven't already seen it.
  12. On Tuesday 20th August 2013, The RangersMedia Sponsors’ Fund (RMSF), in association with the RangersMedia Sponsors’ Fund ‘Erskine Veterans’ Lunch Sub-Fund’ (RMSFEVLSF), organised and financed the inaugural RangersMedia Erskine Veterans’ Ibrox Day Out (RMEVIDO). But don’t worry – I won’t use any of those names or acronyms ever again A party of six Residents from Erskine Glasgow Home (Anniesland), along with 3 carers and the minibus driver (all Bluenoses!) set off on their RM Sponsored Ibrox Day Out. The day began at 11am with the official Ibrox Stadium Tour, conducted by club legend Tiny Gallacher. After the 90 minute stadium tour, the party then headed round to the Argyle Restaurant where they had a table booked for a 3 course lunch where they could enjoy some fish and chips, a pint and some fantastic views of the stadium. After lunch, the Veterans visited the Megastore, where they each had £20 to spend on whatever Rangers goodies took their fancy. So that was that. Everything passed without incident and everybody enjoyed themselves tremendously. There are some photos of the day below. I didn’t want to show anyone’s faces, cos you know what the Internet’s like. It’s a shame, because the expressions on the guys’ faces in these shots is priceless. Oh, We also bought a commemorative print from the Megastore for the home a few weeks ago. I am informed that “it has pride of place in Linburn house corridor”. – They’ll send me a photo soon hopefully. Finally, here are some quotes from my correspondence with Erskine… “Thank you once again for this opportunity – the Residents will love it ( and I am sure the staff will too!!)” “We actually have more residents wanting to go than spaces! The residents are really looking forward to it.” “The guys had an absolute ball and loved every minute of it – thank you all very much and the present at the end was just the icing on the cake.” “The guys spoke very highly of the staff at Rangers – nothing was too much bother for them and our Residents felt thoroughly pampered throughout the day.”
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