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Found 6 results

  1. So now we are back in the top league, we are in FIFA anaw, so wits your guesses at ratings. I would tell ye but I got sacked from editing because I posted on here saying Cowdenbeath have a database on it
  2. 01/11/2016 : The corrupt schysters at FIFA are at it again (as in 2011). DM - FIFA bans England and Scotland from wearing poppies in World Cup qualifier claiming gesture is political England and Scotland should ignore FIFA, Wear the Poppy with Pride, tell FIFA to GTF and not pay any fine either.
  3. Disgusted to hear that FIFA have banned Scotland and England from wearing poppies on their shirts for the forthcoming game at Wembley, especially as it is on 11/11. At least the two FA's are fighting it. Had to get the effect of this corrupt ruling off my chest.
  4. anyone who wants to join my club for fifa 15 pro club on ps4 add me ................ UNION_JACK_DAN1
  5. RWB72

    Ibrox Fifa 15

    Guessing i'm not the only one who's annoyed by the fact Fifa don't have Ibrox in it. We should do something about it but it would probably mean the other shithole would have to be in it.
  6. Would everyone take a moment and welcome FIFA to the new millenium.
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