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Found 6 results

  1. Well done Pompey for this move: great idea sorry I had to quote those dirty bazza's the BBC but they had the best pics http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/28642187 4 August 2014Last updated at 13:40 GMT Portsmouth unveil World War One shirt tribute to the 'Pompey Pals' Portsmouth Football Club have honoured every member of the 'Pompey Pals' who fell during World War One by including their name on the new home kit. The Pompey Pals, the 14th and 15th battalions of the Hampshire Regiment, recruited heavily at Fratton Park. They went on to suffer heavy losses at the Great War, with more than 1,400 making the ultimate sacrifice. "This is not about celebration, it's about commemoration," Pompey fan and historian Bob Beech told BBC Solent. "We need to remember what all of these men and women were doing during the Great War across the region." The names of the 1,400 Pompey Pals who fell in the Great War are woven into the new home shirtThe shirt was launched on the 100th anniversary of Britain's declaration of war on Germany, while the club also unveiled a Pompey Pals memorial at Fratton Park on Monday paying tribute to those who served. "When Lord Kitchener's pointing finger was seen by all, Portsmouth Football Club responded with recruitment stands outside the ground," added Beech. "Many of those who turned up in Pompey blue were soon in army khaki. It is important we remember them." The shirt harks back to the 1914 version and contains the same badge - the first ever worn on a Portsmouth shirt. "It's the traditional royal blue Pompey shirt with the old badge of Portsmouth Football Club which was first used 100 years' ago," said Beech. "Woven into the kit more specially are the names of the fallen of all the Pompey Pals."
  2. On the 11th of November, Every single year, We go silent together, Some shed a tear, as we show our respect, For the soldiers who fell, a 2 minutes silence, starts with a bell. Wherever you are, you stop and pay, Respect to the soldiers, On this special day. Sportsman around the world, Wear a poppy with pride, If you came to Ibrox, You'll see that some even cried, 'LEST WE FORGET' is wrote in the stands, The display is created, with our very hands. It's saddening to think that some wont wear, The poppy with pride, they dont even care. They dont understand the people who gave, There lives in the war, they were all so brave. The team we call scum, the cunts who wear green, Dont wear a Poppy, the club is obscene, Abusing poppy sellers, and showing there banners, The shame of Scotland, a club with no manners. Thank you Rangers Rangers for showing respect, and proving to millions why we are best. LEST WE FORGET.
  3. From the Linfield Official website in the spirit of Blues Brothers: Linfield remembers Submitted : 8th November 2013 at 12:57:30 AM The players from the trenches, still loyal and true, Just a glimpse of their ghosts wearing heavenly blue. Though you can't see them, they are with us each day. Their spirits are with us when we watch the Blues play. Tomorrow at the match you'll see the pitch green, Take time to remember them and what might have been. Audaces Fortuna Juvat
  4. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/4689-minutes-silence-on-tuesday Puts things into perspective , Gone and Never Forgotten ,Thoughts to all families at this time
  5. GREEN SHOULD GO NOW....OR ELSE! Posted: 27 Jun 2012 06:53 PM PDT IT’S Green for go time as far as Charles Green is concerned. And if Charles Green does not know it, then let me tell him something. If it becomes known that he has turned down a decent and honest offer of hard cash for Rangers from a decent and honest Rangers man, then, as far as the 1,000 who demonstrated outside Ibrox last night are concerned.... He ain't seen nothing yet! For if that has happened - and if Charles Green has snubbed another good bid from a Rangers man for Rangers, he's a mug if he believes that can be kept secret - all bets are off. For nobody, no sensible, restrained and law abiding Rangers supporter, will be able to hold back the wilder elements. Mob rule will be in danger of taking over. There will be tens of thousands descending on Charles Green. At Ibrox where he works and on the Menzies Hotel where he lurks. Nobody, not me, or any of the supporters' groups, will be able to hold back the angry mob. We will try to preach restraint. But it is doubtful of they will listen. For their dander is up. That's a fact. This is the time for Charles Green, a man who nobody trusts and who is a proven liar, to step aside and make room for real Rangers men to step in. It is time for Charles Green, the proven liar who is no more than a puppet, a front man for the real power behind the throne, the money man, Michael McDonald, to do the decent thing. That is, if Charles Green has even a nodding acquaintanceship with the decent thing. If he has ever heard of morality. Or if he has ever had any sort of relationship with the truth. Of course Charles Green is the front man, with Micky McDonald the power behind his throne. Indeed, perhaps there is another, even greater and as yet unseen power behind the throne on which McDonald, the leader of the Manchester Street Quality Street Gang, sits. But it is Charles Green who is in the front line. For what? £5,000-a week or thereabouts? And for as long as he trousers that money, for as long as he sits directly in the line of fire, Charles Green carries the can. It is Charles Green who is not trusted. Not trusted by the players of today, such as good Rangers man and Ulsterman, Steve Davis. And not trusted by the icons of the nine-in-a-row years, John Brown, Andy Goram and Brian Laudrup. I expect more of those legends, those great Rangers men whose only vested interest is in the good of Rangers, to join the growing groundswell, the campaign of action against Charles Green gathering behind the passion of Bomber Brown. These are men who care only for the future of the club they grew up loving and got to play for, in the case of Bomber Brown, or who signed for Rangers and became lifelong Bluenoses in the case of Laudrup and The Goalie. They are the men who are telling Rangers supporters to starve out Charles Green and his gang. Brown has gone as far as to walk out on a well paid job with Rangers, a job he loved, to demonstrate his commitment to the Bluenose cause. That is the sort of sacrifice he has made. There can be little doubt that Brown’s passion for Rangers will help make up the mind of any fans who remain undecided about whether or not to buy season tickets. Any Rangers supporter who buys a season ticket is backing the proven liar Charles Green and going against Ibrox icon John Brown. Brown and the Bluenoses have a mantra. Their mantra, their motto, their slogan, is….. GREEN MUST GO! And if Rangers supporters want their club to survive, then it is a mantra that must be repeated, a motto which must become the real Bomber Brown Bluenose badge of honour and the slogan which must he heard again and again. Louder and louder. GREEN MUST GO! To such an extent that Green will know there is no chance of Rangers supporters being conned out of their money for a second summer in succession. The campaign against him must reach such a crescendo that proven liar Charles Green finally tells Micky McDonald and any other backers that the game is up. They have been rumbled. And that there is no other option than for Charles Green to step aside and for the money men to move over and make way for somebody who does have the good of Rangers at heart. To make room for someone who is not in it just to make a quick buck. Not just in it for a fast profit, no matter what devastation and destruction they may wreck upon Rangers. Perhaps even killing off the famous old name for all time. Indeed, almost certainly killing off the famous old name of Rangers for all time. That seems to be what Charles Green wants. It is a fight every Rangers supporter should be in. Together! Behind the players of today who have walked. And behind Bomber Brown and those nine-in-a-row legends. I find it hard to believe there remain some supporters who have been critical of the players who have refused to have their contracts transferred to Charles Green’s NewCo. That there are still some supporters who believe the tripe being pumped out from inside Ibrox by Charles Green. Lies, which some who take traitor's gold from Charles Green, are willing to endorse. Shame on them! Here is a question for them. Do they believe those players would have acted in a similar way had the Walter Smith led consortium been in charge? Or had anyone else who could be trusted, been in control? No, it is Charles Green who the current crop of Rangers players do not trust. And I cannot blame them. And it is Charles Green who the iconic legends from the nine-in-a-row legends, led by dyed in the wool Bluenose, John Brown, do not trust. We’ve heard from the Bomber. We’ve heard from The Goalie. We’ve heard from Brian Laudrup. We will be hearing from more. For now, it is Green for go time. The time for Charles Green to cut and run. Before things turn really ugly. Before what happened outside Ibrox last night multiples tenfold and spreads to the Menzies Hotel and every bolthole where Green and his gang - including Micky McDonald - may try and hide. The fans will gather in growing numbers and growing strength and play a tune for Charles Green. It will be, The Last Waltz. The jig’s up Charlie.
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