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Found 3 results

  1. Any objections and I will remove this post. (excluding known numpties) HOME LEAGUE PROGRAMMES FROM 9 IN A ROW SEASONS 50P EACH TOO HEAVY TO TAKE TO THE PROGRAMME FAIR 88/89 (complete season) Hibs (h) 20/8/88 PL Celtic (h) 27/8/88 PL St Mirren (h) 24/9/88 PL Dundee (h) 1/10/88 PL Hearts (h) 1/11/88 PL Motherwell (h) 5/11/88 PL Hamilton (h) 16/11/88 PL Aberdeen (h) 26/11/88 PL Dundee Utd (h) 3/12/88 PL Hibs (h) 17/12/88 PL Celtic (h) 3/1/89 PL Dundee (h) 21/1/89 PL St Mirren (h) 25/2/89 PL Hamilton (h) 11/3/89 PL Motherwell (h) 8/4/89 PL Hearts (h) 29/4/89 PL Dundee United (h) 2/5/89 PL Aberdeen (h) 13/5/89 PL 89/90 (complete season) St Mirren (h) 12/8/89 PL Aberdeen (h) 9/9/89 PL Dundee (h) 16/9/89 PL Hearts (h) 30/9/89 PL Dundee Utd (h) 14/10/89 PL Hibs (h) 28/10/89 PL Celtic (h) 4/11/89 PL Dunfermline (h) 25/11/89 PL Motherwell (h) 9/12/89 PL St Mirren (h) 23/12/89 PL Aberdeen (h) 6/1/90 PL Dundee (h) 13/1/90 PL Dundee Utd (h) 3/2/90 PL Hearts (h) 17/2/90 PL Hibs (h) 23/3/90 PL Celtic (h) 1/4/90 PL Motherwell (h) 14/4/90 PL Dunfermline (h) 28/4/90 PL 90/91 Dunfermline (h) 25/8/90 PL Celtic (h) 15/9/90 PL Motherwell (h) 29/9/90 PL St Mirren (h) 13/10/90 PL Hibs (h) 3/11/90 PL Dundee Utd (h) 3/11/90 PL misprint played 10/11/90 Hearts (h) 1/12/90 PL St Johnstone (h) 8/12/90 PL Aberdeen (h) 22/12/90 PL Celtic (h) 2/1/91 PL Dunfermline (h) 12/1/91 PL St Mirren (h) 9/2/91 PL Motherwell (h) 16/2/91 PL Hearts (h) 9/3/91 PL St Johnstone (h) 13/4/91 PL Dundee United (h) 24/4/91 PL 91/92 (complete season) St Johnstone (h) 10/8/91 PL Motherwell (h) 13/8/91 PL Dunfermline (h) 24/8/91 PL Dundee Utd 14/9/91 PL Aberdeen (h) 28/9/91 PL Hibs (h) 8/10/91 PL Hearts (h) 19/10/91 PL Falkirk (h) 26/10/91 PL Celtic (h) 2/11/91 PL Airdrie (h) 16/11/91 PL St Mirren (h) 23/11/91 PL St Johnstone (h) 7/12/91 PL Dundee Utd (h) 21/12/91 Dunfermline (h) 28/12/91 PL Hibs (h) 11/1/92 PL Motherwell (h) 18/1/92 PL Aberdeen (h) 22/2/92 PL Airdrie (h) 29/2/92 PL Celtic (h) 21/3/92 PL Falkirk (a) 7/4/92 PL St Mirren (h) 18/4/92 PL Hearts (h) 28/4/92 PL 92/93 (complete season) St Johnstone (h) 1/8/92 PL Airdrie (h) 4/8/92 PL Celtic (h) 22/8/92 PL Aberdeen (h) 29/8/92 PL Hearts (h) 19/9/92 PL Falkirk (h) 3/10/92 PL Hibs (h) 17/10/92 PL Motherwell (h) 31/10/92 PL Dundee (h) 11/11/92 PL Partick Thistle (h) 28/11/92 PL St Johnstone (h) 19/12/92 PL Celtic (h) 2/1/93 PL Dundee United (h) 5/1.93 PL Aberdeen (h) 23/1/93 PL postponed Falkirk (h) 9/2/93 PL Airdrie (h) 13/2/93 PL Hearts (h) 27/2/93 PL Hibs (h) 13/3/93 PL Dundee (h) 27/3/93 PL Aberdeen (h) 30/3/93 PL Motherwell (h) 10/4/93 PL Partick Thistle (h) 17/4/93 PL Dundee United (h) 8/5/93 PL 93/94 (complete season) Hearts (h) 7/8/93 PL Kilmarnock (h) 28/8/93 PL Partick Thistle (h) 11/9/93 PL Hibs (h) 25/9/93 PL Motherwell (h) 6/10/94 St Johnstone (h) 16/10/93 PL Celtic (h) 30/10/93 PL Dundee (h) 10/11/93 PL Raith Rovers (h) 13/11/93 PL Aberdeen (h) 1/12/93 PL Dundee United (h) 11/12/93 PL Hearts (h) 27/12/93 PL Kilmarnock (h) 8/1/94 PL Partick Thistle (h) 5/2/94 PL Hibs (h) 12/2/94 PL Motherwell (h) 5/3/94 PL St Johnstone (h) 19/3/94 PL Aberdeen (h) 2/4/94 PL Raith Rovers (h) 16/4/94 PL Dundee United (h) 23/4/94 PL Celtic (h) 30/4/94 Dundee (h) 14/5/94 PL 94/95 (complete season) Motherwell (h) 13/8/94 PL Celtic (h) 27/8/94 PL Hearts (h) 11/9/94 PL Dundee United (h) 1/10/94 PL Kilmarnock (h) 15/10/94 PL Partick Thistle (h) 5/11/94 PL Falkirk (h) 19/11/94 PL Aberdeen (h) 25/11/94 PL Hibs (h) 26/12/94 PL Celtic (h) 4/1/95 PL Hearts (h) (21/1/95) PL Dundee United (h) 4/2/95 PL Kilmarnock (h) 25/2/95 PL Falkirk (h) 11/3/95 PL Aberdeen (h) 8/4/95 PL Hibs (h) 16/4/95 PL Motherwell (h) 29/4/95 PL Partick Thistle (h) 13/5/95 PL 95/96 (complete season) Kilmarnock (h) 26/8/95 PL Raith Rovers (h) 9/9/95 PL Hibs (h) 23/9/95 PL Motherwell (h) 3/10/95 PL Hearts (h) 21/10/95 PL Falkirk (h) 4/11/95 PL Aberdeen (h) 11/11/95 PL Celtic (h) 19/11/95 PL Partick Thistle (h) 9/12/95 PL Kilmarnock (h) 26/12/95 PL Hibs (h) 30/12/95 PL Raith Rovers (h) 13/1/96 PL Hearts (h) 20/1/96 PL Motherwell (h) 10/2/96 PL Celtic (h) 17/3/96 PL Falkirk (h) 23/3/96 PL Partick Thistle (h) 13/4/96 PL Aberdeen (h) 18/4/96 PL 96/97 Raith Rovers (h) 10/8/96 PL Dundee United (h) 24/8/96 PL Hearts (h) 14/9/96 PL Celtic (h) 28/9/96 PL Aberdeen (h) 19/10/96 PL Motherwell (h) 26/10/96 PL Hibs (h) 7/12/96 PL Dunfermline (h) 14/12/96 PL Kilmarnock (h) 17/12/96 PL Raith Rovers (h) 26/12/96 PL Celtic (h) 2/1/97 PL Aberdeen (h) 12/1/97 PL Hearts (h) 1/2/97 PL Hibs (h) 23/2/97 PL Dundee United (h) 12/3/97 PL Kilmarnock (h) 22/3/97 PL Dunfermline (h) 5/4/97 PL Hearts (h) 10/5/97 PL (away match broadcast at Ibrox free programme)
  2. I have 0 Rangers v Clyde programmes for sale. (In mint condition, unread) The cost of the programme is £3.80, plus £1.20 UK postage, so that's £5. (you can pay more if you want). All the money from the sale will go to the RangersMedia sponsors fund - to be reinvested back into Rangers. So if you want one, either post here or PM me directly. Overseas Bears can have one too, just add an extra £3 postage on to the £5. PS: Chuck in an extra one pound and you can also have an RFC Charity wristband (1972 40th anniversary) - supporting the Former Players Benevolent Trust, one of RM's favourite charities)
  3. If you can’t get to the match and want a Rangers v Clyde Boxing Day Programme, I’m prepared to get you one and post it to you – but at a price! I will send you a programme for a minimum payment of £7.00 – All net profits will go to the RM Sponsors Fund. (You are more than welcome to donate more than £7.00 of course, but that is entirely optional) Cost breakdown: Programme -£3.00 Postage (UK) - £1.20 Minimum donation to Sponsors Fund - £2.80 If you want one, just add a post here. When I get the programmes, I will PM you, and you will have to make the payment, and provide me with a delivery address. I will obviously not divulge that info, and will delete the info when the programmes are mailed, but if you’re not comfortable providing an address, then don’t get involved. If you live overseas, I am still happy to post you one, but you will obviously have to pay the extra postage (which will be about an extra £3)
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