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  1. Hey Guys I won a spot in the Jersey Palooza for Authentic Autographed shirts (Authentic real jerseys) my position I have a chance of either a Graeme Souness Front Signed 1982 Liverpool Shirt & Gazza *PAUL GASCOIGNE FRONT SIGNED 1990 ENGLAND HOME JERSEY I wish both had been signed in Rangers shirts but regardless to Rangers Legends! I got till tonight what would you choose if it was you. Appreciate it guys!
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/CoplandRoadOrg/status/1198896550849794048?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.followfollow.com%2Fforum%2Fthreads%2Fjohn-mason-snp-shettleston-tabled-motion-to-scottish-parliement-re-hmrc.97700%2F edit. I don’t have Twitter my pal sent me it, so can’t get it embed, anyone help?
  3. Grangemouth RSC run a bus to every home game and most away games. Find us on facebook, twitter and instagram and get in touch if you want to travel with us! New members always welcome. WATP
  4. Totally new to this form, however the Rangers Charity Foundation suggested I use it so here goes. I'm six games into.a challenge to run to every home league match and back again from Kirkintilloch RSC with a marathon distance(26.2 miles) the minimum requirement per match for the Rangers Charity Foundation & MS Society Scotland would appreciate any help or ideas to help raise the profile of this challenge & get more money raised for these two amazing charities. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/davidsmithrunner
  5. Some example questions from the free iOS mobile app 4-4-Who? Download the most popular football app and test your Scottish football knowledge - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/4-4-who/id1308312703?mt=8 Submit your answers below, along with any question submissions and who you want as the face of the new Scottish Football pack. 4-4-Who?
  6. Just thought I would give you guys an update on that Magnificent Gentleman Mr Johnny Hubbard , had the pleasure to talk to him this morning on Ayr High St , he is looking rather well and apart from a few hiccups he is feeling well , his sense of humour has certainly not deserted him and as I said it was just a pleasure to spend a few minutes with this GREAT man .
  7. Guy at work is a season ticket holder for Rangers and is always complaining he never wins his bets. He says it's because he mostly goes for correct scores and wants decent odds on a couple of quid punt. He got pelters for it at work and in the pub. He says he's going to stick a few quid on celtic winning tomorrow with various scorelines and got a lot of grief for it as a result. He claims, in mitigation, that he'll jinx celtic and if he does win it'll be compensation for the grief he'll feel from the result. Is he out of order, or is that a fair shout? p.s. the poll is, or should be, anonymous.
  8. The RM Friday Quiz bought to you by McEwan's Lager - Alive and Kicking. Today's quiz has a Nordic theme in honour of our resident Scandi @johanhentze I'll post the answers up in an hour or so. Here goes: 1. Which Swedish Ranger was a team-mate of Walter Smith’s at Dundee United? 2. Which two Icelandic sides did Jim Bett play for? 3. Which Danish player left Rangers for Swiss club Bellinzona? 4. Which current Icelandic international’s great-grandfather played for Rangers and also had the same name? 5. What colour did Erik Sorensen famously prefer playing in? 6. Which Danish Ranger was the first foreign player (outside the UK) to score in an Old Firm match? 7. Name the two German clubs that Brian Laudrup turned out for? 8. Which ex-Ranger was a team-mate of Brian’s in the 1989-90 season? 9. In 1997 Rangers played GI Gotu away with what sponsor on the shirts? 10. What is the name of GI Gotu now? 11. What country did King Kai Johansen move to after leaving Rangers? 12. Name the four Finnish players to turn out for Rangers in league matches. 13. Which club did we sign Erik-Bo Andersen from? 14. Which team did we sign Thomas Myhre from on loan? 15. Which Icelandic international was capped at Rangers despite never playing a first team league match over two spells at the club? 16. What was Peter Lovenkrands’ middle name? 17. Which Danish goalkeeper did we loan to Wolfsburg? 18. Name the ex-Ger Swede with a European Cup runners-up medal that played for Pollok Juniors. 19. Which two to-be-Rangers players were teammates for Sweden at the 1994 World Cup? 20. Name the Norwegian full-back signed by Walter Smith in 1997. 21. Can you name Tore Andre Flo’s brother and cousin who were also in the national squad at the same time in the late 90s? 22. Name the Danish sides Rangers have faced in European competition. 23. Name the Swedish sides Rangers have faced in European competition. 24. Name the Norwegian sides Rangers have faced in European competition. 25. Name the Finnish sides Rangers have faced in European competition.
  9. So now we are back in the top league, we are in FIFA anaw, so wits your guesses at ratings. I would tell ye but I got sacked from editing because I posted on here saying Cowdenbeath have a database on it
  10. Hi Rangers fans, I've just made a new Rangers History Video about the 7 Trebles Rangers have won! It would be great if you could all check it out and give me feedback.! I upload Rangers content so if you enjoy have a look at some of my other stuff and subscribe if you enjoy!
  11. Probably not much chance of succeeding, but i'll give it a try anyway.... We (3 dutch tourists) are currently visiting Edinburgh for a few days and planning a trip to glasgow next saturday. Is there anyone that got 3 spare tickets left for us for the game? No problem if the seats aren't next to each other.
  12. Hope this is OK to post on here. Today I signed up for the Rangers Charity Foundation 55 mile round Arran cycle ride.The event takes place on the 25th March this year. If anyone could spare a pound or two I would really appreciate it. I'll post the link to my just giving page, any money donated goes directly to the charity so everything is above board and honest. Rangers Arran cycle just giving page. Thanks every penny is much appreciated
  13. That was the team that was, documentary. 9IAR year 96/97, good watch. Great antidote of the wee kit-man getting saddled with the bill at St. Andrews. Brilliant team spirit.
  14. Desperately looking for 2 tickets beside each other against Aberdeen, will pay in cash and can come to you if not too far away from me!
  15. No one can argue that last year, minus the last few games of the season was a huge success with the manager and players. Since then we have moved up a league and it’s not the same Rangers team that controlled games for the majority of last season. The passing looks slack, constantly caught on the ball with a lack of attacking options. The players don’t look hungry, I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors but Mark has to be harder on the players. All we see is interviews of him saying positives from games and we’ll learn from it. That doesn’t suggest to me that players are receiving a boot in the baws that they deserve for not winning. At a team with the status and history of Rangers winning is everything, maybe mark isn’t used to this but if he doesn’t understand the importance of winning every game is he suited to be Rangers manager from now on? This formation of 4-3-3 doesn’t work, we aren’t controlling games and being direct with our possession of the ball. When we’re defending one player is up the park which allows oppositions to push more players forward. If we had two men up at all time to stretch their defence it will either enable us to counter attack or at least draw players back from opposition attacks to mark us. I like Mark but as a Rangers manager I think he needs to be harder on the players, understand winning is key no matter what and formation/positioning of players has to be altered. Last night subs were made that weren’t going to make any impact on the game, we should have gone more attacking instead of replacing players who were similar to each other.
  16. This old club of ours is beautiful
  17. Needing 2 for east Stirlingshire away tonight, can meet at the ground
  18. Hi bears, I was just chancing my luck on here as I am looking for a ticket for the final on Saturday, been to almost every game this season and last so 3/4 years as im only 19, so Im a bit sad I never managed to get a ticket from the ballot from Rangers. Anyway enough about that just wanted to know if anyone had a spare ticket or is selling one then please let me know and I will have it, ps guys I know theirs loads of people wanting one no need to give me dogs abuse haha cheers! WATP Twitter - @JRD1996_ if you want to contact me or get my number
  19. Hello! My name is Michael, come from Hamburg/Germany and would like to buy a ticket for the Scottish cup final on may 21th 2016 in Glasgow to support the Rangers. Unfortunately, it is totally difficult to buy a ticket - I would be very happy if someone could help me. No surrender/ nur der HSV! Michael
  20. Couldn't see a thread dedicated to new kit ideas and thought it would be a good one to scroll through. (sorry if there already is one :s) Please post any of your ideas on here as I don't claim that mine are the best or even any good! These socks are the alternative to the red.
  21. New here, but had to let everyone on the forums know about my new video on Rangers. Make no money at all off these videos as have copyright content just want Gers fans to see them, if this is wrong section for video then please move to correct one, thanks. W.A.T.P
  22. I have posted before looking but I am still after 2 tickets for Tuesday night, anything would be much appreciated, was looking for child tickets, but now I'd take anything, PM me please
  23. Looking for 2 tickets for the Scottish cup replay vs Kilmarnock on Tuesday night, can meet you up there, preferably junior tickets, and don't have to be together
  24. On EBT's and Rangers - Part 1. On EBT's and Rangers - Part 2. On EBT's and Rangers - Part 3.
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