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Found 1 result

  1. Afternoon all, It's that time again...and I've decided to stick with the current format, namely a scarf reservation thread. As decided by forum poll, we've opted for Design 1 - the graphic based on the club tie worn by the Rangers directors and club staff. In light of the corporate rumblings , this scarf design symbolises (in my opinion) who the real Rangers men are.. us, the fans and we all deserve to display the colours with pride. We're not here to compete for power, for money nor media coverage. We, the fans simply love OUR club. Prices this time round are as follow: 1 = £9.00 2 = £16.90 3 = £24.00 4 = £32.00 5 = £40.00 Therefor, I would ask that if you are genuinely interested in purchasing this scarf to click on the voting button confirming the scarf quantity that you wish to purchase. The outcome of this reservation thread will serve as an indicator for scarf sales volume. Once the poll has reached a predetermined number of genuine buyers, I'll launch the payment thread. Cheers, NNM. N.B. I am not saying that all staff within the club are not Rangers men, however there are far too many people in power who (I believe) put their own agenda before our club.
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