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Found 1 result

  1. In August 2012 it was year zero for our football squad; we had next to no one. Ally did not know who was going to turn up for training. We have came a long way since August, we may be very unhappy about the performances, style of play, lack of fight in the players but we have come from almost zero and are leading the league by someway. Ally has been able to give us a team from scratch that is winning the league to moan about. Ally is a very good football manager if you look at where we were in August to now. Yes it has been awful to watch, he has come out to defend his player and try to use his charm and humour to pour oil over troubled waters when we wanted him to be breathing fire, but he understands the consequences of that, we can just indulge our emotions and righteous indignations. Ally McCoist is not the type to rage, he is not the type to air Rangers dirty washing in public, he knows what it is to be a Ranger, he knows the criticism will never stop, the expectation will never drop and that is why he said the supporters need a reality check. The job he is trying to do is bigger than what Alex Ferguson had to do with Man United and there was much moaning there as well as calls for him to be sacked. Hindsight is a beautiful thing look at our journey, pretty no, hard on the eyes yes, needed yes; as building this team back up to what it was is going to be a struggle and we will have repeated set backs in every league. I can only say that thank God I was not in the army with some of you posters on here, spineless and fair-weather, when what we need are supporters who recognise where we are. Some of you do not want to do this so you live in a delusion that Rangers should turn up, out class every team and walk away winning every match. Grow up and live in the real world. My thoughts on events. Plan for this season; increase the squad from 6/7 players to a workable number within three weeks, try and get some quality in as a foundation to build on, get the squad to get, look at who will be able to take you through the next 18 months, win the league at any cost, play the safest team to reduce the chances of losing (this may mean playing players out of position), start looking at players who will progress the squad during this time, once the league is won experiment with youth, take time to work out the plan for the future and try and get a system down for next season. (I think this is what has happened this season). Plan for next season; get a proper preseason in, play the youths to see who has got it in them, line up those who can come in to improve where the deficits are, start side lining those who are not fighting for the jersey, lay out the style of play as you now have the players to fit it better, win the league, go on a cup run (hopefully to the final), identify further weaknesses in the team and sort this out at Christmas, find a couple of leaders on the park who hate losing and will punch their team mates if they are not trying. (I hope that this is what will happen next season).
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