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Found 3 results

  1. Is this just more paranoia? Or is the bias now rationale logic...? https://footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/2018/05/27/murdoch-maclennan-spfl-chairman-has-a-conflict-of-interest-being-chairman-of-inm-plc-irish-media-company-controlled-by-celtic-shareholders-dermot-desmond-denis-obrien/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Murdoch MacLennan SPFL Chairman has a Conflict of Interest being Chairman of INM plc, Irish media company controlled by celtic shareholders Dermot Desmond. Murdoch MacLennan should have declared a Conflict of Interest to the SPFL Board where he’s the Chairman, when he was appointed Chairman of Independent News & Media PLC (“INM plc”) on 1st March 2018 and been forced by the SPFL board to resign. The SPFL chairman cannot be employed by shareholders of one of the main Scottish clubs, celtic FC, and act impartially to the other clubs. Independent News & Media PLC is controlled by celtic shareholders, Denis O’Brien and Dermot Desmond, controlling shareholder at celtic PLC. Mr O’Brien has 29.9% and Mr Desmond 15%. Together they have almost 45%. Both gentlemen have worked together, as described in detail in the Moriaty Tribunal, investing in the Irish 2nd mobile phone company ESAT Digifone. Murdoch MacLennan is employed by Dermot Desmond, the latter controlling shareholder of celtic PLC and Denis O’Brien, close associate of Mr Desmond and a celtic shareholder through his holdings. How can Mr MacLennan conduct the SPFL board meetings and initiatives impartially when he is in the pocket of two of celtic Plc’s main shareholders? He should be forced to resign immediately and if he does not go by his own hand then the other clubs should demand his termination as chairman. ©footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com 2018
  2. Decided to update the thread and add more... There is a 9-in-a-row quiz up now further into the thread. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=262590&st=40#entry1061591887 Remember to post your oh-so-honest scores...! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A wee(!) Sporcle quiz for us Bears who are maybe missing European fitba'. Post your (honest) results on the thread, if you dare...! http://www.sporcle.c...rangersineurope
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