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Found 8 results

  1. HIVS V RANGERS Wednesday 20th April - 7:45pm Easter Road Sky Sports HD2 Current league position Rangers 1st – 79 points Hivs 3rd – 60 points Latest League form(10 matches) Rangers – WDWWWWLWDW Hivs – DWLLLLDWLD Head-to-Head in 15/16 Hivs 2-6 Rangers: 25/7/15 – Tav, Waggy x 2, Halliday and Miller x 2(Stanton, Cummings) Rangers 1-0 Hivs: 23/8/15 – Tav Hivs 2-1 Rangers: 1/11/15 – McGregor OG(Cummings, Hanlon) Rangers 4-2 Hibs: 28/12/15 - Holt x 2, Clark and Waggy(Cummings, Malonga) Biggest victories Rangers 10-0 Hivs – S
  2. Epic to see gazza giving it large & looking good
  3. I checked out the thread about our latest addition, Ryan Finnie... a promising youth player and I'm sure everyone is delighted. However, on his Twitter I saw something possibly more promising and I'm sure many will agree... We're apparently getting Scouts on our books who clearly have an eye for spotting talent in the youth. If this was known beforehand apologies for the thread, but I wasn't aware of this. Surely a good sign for things to come.
  4. We will be open from 11am for tomorrow’s home match against Brechin. We invite any Rangers Supporter who can make it to the vicinity of the home of fantasy football to join us in celebrating the continuing unbroken history of the most successful team in the game. Renowned for our quick service and great pints, our staff will ensure you never have to wait long to get a drink. We also provide free rolls, free pies, an atmosphere second to none and for clarification – we don’t and never have had a cover charge. We also never do tickets for a Rangers game, all supporters are welcome. Situated a
  5. Is this the real deal?
  6. I said most of this already in another thread but I am repeating it because I am sick to death of our supporters attacking our team in public when we already have enough idiots out there putting us down. WATP and we should try and remember that when things don't go our way. Right now Elgin City are 1-0 up. Today we may yet win the 3rd Division title. To start a season's preperation within one day of getting accepted into the league, to lose the vast majority of your team, to be on a signing ban, to have half the remaining players disciplined or injured,to win the fucking league which was all y
  7. In the season 2015/2016, We will have won six league titles in seven years. Crisis? What Crisis? Just a thought. Have a good weekend bears. We are the people.
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