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The Corderoy Cowboy & his 'Private Dinner'


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I don't normally listen to Radio Snyde, but today I broke the pledge to listen to the rabid ones imploding ! I wasn't disapointed !

However, in one of his many 'authoritative statements', bemoaning today's result, Spiers announced that he and some other hacks of ill repute had recently been over to the Piggery for an evening of entertainment and fun with Liewell, Reid, and others.

He went on to say how they just looved wee Chesney, and thought he was the dogs....

If you ever needed convinced of his affection of all things Septic, then this kinda tops it for me.

I utterly despise the man......

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doh sorry - i just posted a topic about this. I had a wee look to see and didn't notice you posted it sorry. I did hear it though and glad that someone else did! He seemed to be boasting about it. " I wont tell you what was discussed.....but I'll say this".

What a dick this man is. Football is the passion of the working class man yet this pompus clown's match reports are like reading a 19th Century news report on a local cricket match. He is so out of touch it is not real.

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