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Makes you sick that Falkirk can go to ICT


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I think it's all psychology IMO. Butcher would have them believe they were good enough to beat Man Utd on Weds in his pre-match team talk. Players believe their hype after their unlikely win and step down a gear when they play their next game. Our team have done it themselves time after time - simply turn up and the game is won.

Maybe, after all my/everyones post match anger on Weds, this is what the team needs to spur them onto a 10 match winning run. I just hope the players were as upset as the fans midweek and it gets them going.

I think tomorrows game will give us an idea of the drive in our squad. A 5-0 win = winning league mentallity. Scrapping a 1-0 = runners up.

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More to do with ICT probably playing a bit more open game because they feel they can take Falkirk head on, Butcher knows that Walter is fucking clueless in breaking down teams that pack their defence. The true irony is that ICT mugged us just like we mugged a few teams in Europe playing ultra cautious football and seeing if the more offensive team could actually create sufficient chances to win the game.

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Yet we allow them (ICT) to take 3 points off us at Ibrox.

Makes me mad.

We can recover though if we win the remainder of our games. IF!!

You will find when teams more often than not get beaten the week after they beat one of the old firm. I backed Falkirk yesterday on the strength of that.

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