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Whos in charge on Sunday?


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McCoist will pick the team (tu)

You think Walt would be willing to potentially let Mccoist throw away a cup final against the tims

I dont think I could let my assistant do it if i was boss

Even when McCoist has been picking the teams for the last 3 cup tournies, they still work as a team and Watty challenges decisions being made just as Ally should do in reverse on League business. Smith has entrusted McCoist to do the right thing and wont change just because it is Timmy IMHO. (tu)

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They've only ever said McCoist takes charge of Scottish Cup games, nothing about the League Cup.

He'd never let McCoist take charge of a final against Celtic anyway.

Ive been having a look at this as I was under the impression it was both cups

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I thought McCoist took charge of all cup games.

If thats the case, Ally will pick the team. If he tried to put Wilson or someone in defence im sure Walter would step in though.

Its not like Walter does much during the games anyway.

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