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Has their been an increased hostility amongst us and them in recent days?


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With the news of the huddleboard reaching the papers for their disgusting actions, does anyone else notice there has been a bit more hostility between us and them? The huddleboard isn't the only one of their forums which have mocked the deaths of the security forces. We always knew the history of Northern Ireland plays a part in our rivalry and with the Republicans murdering our forces it seems to have re-ignited these tensions which have boiled for a few years. It's also re-ignited tensions within the communities in Northern Ireland, even if the news says otherwise.

Yesterday I spoke to my dads friend and in recent times he has been one of the supporters who has started to back away from the sectarian side of things and has even told me on numerous occasions how much Rangers fans need to forget the past. However, last night his hatred seemed to have returned, it was like talking to the old him. Everyone was a Fenian, everyone was scum and he said he knew they would chant their party tunes on Sunday and it will just drive him mad and he doesn't know how he will react.

My point is, if it can make him change in just a split second, what will it do to rest of us?

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I think that's a fair question. Last year I wrote up a story regarding how the press portray the bigotry and sectarianism, and how that only goes to feed the flames.

To have these embers fanned to flames recently goes to show what happens when people put aside their differences for the greater good. When one side (or the other) fail to live up to their side of the bargain, those who *did* just get that much angrier. Their effort was for nothing, and all the sh*t they took and didn't say a word about "for the greater good" now comes back to haunt them. Now they wished they did throw that right hook into that dirty #@$#%#'s face.

Granted now let's have the facts. It's no the IRA, but splinter groups. Ah ok, that makes me feel better. <cr>

Loyalist groups have as of yet held their anger in check. Catholics and Protestants alike have marched a silent protest in Belfast.

It's very clear that the majority of people don't want or condone Northern Ireland returning to it's pre Good Friday state.

Now assume that Joe Celtic fan reads that story you're referring to. Joe Celtic fan is much like Joe Ranger in that he pulls for a team. Joe Average Celtic does not at all condone what's happened and I'm sure Joe Average Celtic is sickened by the #%&*ed up remarks made by a bullshit minority of his fellow Celtic fans. Just like Joe Average Ranger fan was royally pissed off by the actions of some of his fellow Rangers fans in Manchester. They hate to be referred to in the same breath as "those" fans, and would rather they just fell off the planet.

Never forget, ever, that no matter what happened in Manchester, no one was killed Mafia style by any Rangers fan. Do not equate the two incidents, it's just there to illustrate what the minority can do to hurt the majority of anything.

It saddens and sickens me that, splinter group or not, it's happening again. Three times now. How many more times have to happen before Loyalists protect themselves and boom all of a sudden you're at it. Reprisals that will beget more reprisals. There have been great things and great strides done and made in Northern Ireland and for that to be undone by the minority of the minority would be a terrible thing.

I truly hope it gets sorted out in the correct manner.

I have been saying for years "it's about the football" when referring to the ridiculousness of sectarianism. I am not Scottish by birth. I am in the United States. I admittedly (many times on this board) do not understand fully the rationale of anything other than Rangers v Celtic. That's where I stop.

But any man, any man, who is put into the situation where he has to defend himself against terrorists then it's well beyond the football and it's the football that becomes secondary.

I truly, sincerely hope for "the rest of you" this gets sorted out as fast as humanly possible.

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petrol.jpg and fire_01.jpg

I just hope come sunday, its us who are laughing - but either way, i know we will still have our heads held high and carry ourslef with dignity! unlike them who (if, no, when we win) will probably smash everything up in their sights when leaving hampden as we celebrate our victory!

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