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How confident are you?


How Confident are you that we'll win?  

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  1. 1. Very Confident, not confident etc?

    • Very Confident of winning
    • Think we'll probably win
    • We might win (50-50)
    • They'll probably just edge it.
    • We're going to lose. No argument.

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There's been a lot of negativity around the board this morning (understandbly) because of the injury to Bougherra but I'm just wondering how confident are people of victory ahead of today's game. A lot depends on the line up but if Bougherra had been fit I'd most likely said that we're probably going to win but now I think that it's a big maybe and a lot depends on the performance that David Weir and his partner (Broadfoot, Dailly or McCulloch) put in. I was thinking that we're going to edge it with Celtic's poor form but now with Bougherra out and after witnessing what happened the last time he missed an Old Firm game I'm going to have to admit it's a big 50-50 on us winning this now.

What do you think though? Are our odds better than 50-50 even with Bougherra out?


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i still think we will win the game. Fairly confident but its by no means a certainty. We need to play an attacking line up, if the balls up their end they cant score. Attack them from the first whistle and push them back and we will win.

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broadfoot is at c.h so god knows he never gets to grips with mc donald!!!

and i dunno if whitiker can keep up with mcgeady either!!!

but at least we are playing 4-4-2

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have to say i am not quite as confident as i was seeing the team we are putting out but i still think we will win although it will be tight. Had we had bougherra and played a more attacking formation with aaron or fleck on the left i think we would have have hammered them.

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Guest johngers
After seeing the team and the subs - I cannot see us winning. I REALLY hope I am wrong.

Dont be so negative Nvager! :pipe:

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Not confident at all when I saw the lineup.

No Bougherra, instead a central defensive pairing of Broadfoot and Weir which must make any attacker in the world fancy his chances.

And Big Lee McCulloch at left mid. Oh dear!

Celtic couldn´t ask for a better chance to win this final.

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