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How would you have set the team out today.


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With all the criticism of Walters tactics today (which i fully agree with by the way) thought it might be interesting to see what everyone would have done if they were putting the team out today.

mine would be


:whittaker: :weir: :broadfoot: :papac:

:davis: :ferguson: :mendes: :beasley:

:lafferty: :miller:

Subs :alexander: :edu: :Naismith: :boyd: :aaron:

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I think rangers played well today there was just a lack of conviction in the final third and the final ball was poor

Rangers were the better team in the 90 minutes, but after the first goal in extra time i never saw us getting back into it

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Whittaker Broadfoot Weir Papac

Davis Ferguson Mendes Beasley/Aaron

Miller Lafferty

or if I'm being more bold and idealistic


Whittaker Broadfoot Weir Papac

Ferguson Mendes

Davis Fleck Aaron


The 3 playing behind Lafferty can all interchange and cause absolutely carnage for the Celtic defence. Hey, Fleck and Aaron could even take short stints up front and Lafferty could drift out wide.

I would love to see Rangers play the 4-2-3-1 formation. (tu)

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