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We need a new Direction.


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...alright so I've been thinking recently (last couple hours), about the state that our club is in and how much we are in need of a new direction from top to bottom.

I watched our fans on the tele today get completely outsung and outclassed by the Celtic fans which should be embarassing for us. It seems as if ever since we had the Billy Boys banned from the terraces our club has been going in a downward spiral. I dont specifically care about the song(as good as it is) but I think its more of a reflection about the way our club is being run to the ground by the management,Murray, and all the haters..its more of the principle of the fact that ever since they took TBB away from us our players have achieved next to nill on the pitch...ffs we as fans go on about No surrender etc etc...but we sure did surrender by stopping the best club anthem in the world.

For instance, after they're goal if our fans at Hampden had any guts, a loud rousing chorus of the Billy Boys would have pushed the players on and maybe they would've grown in confidence and found a goal. Even No Surrender probably would have done the job. But they sat there in silence and the only song I heard after the goal was a pathetic cry of Follow Follow that was overrun by Celtic's "can you hear the rangers sing".

Dont get me wrong, we have some of the greatest supporters in the world and I wouldnt change anything about us...like FFS we took 200,000 fans to a foreign city to see our team..50,000 people sit in Ibrox to watch complete SHIT every weekend against the likes of St. Mirren and Hamilton,who would probably have trouble surviving in the English League One let alone the championship.

Getting back to the Billy Boys,any decent chairman would have defended the fans when the issue was brought up and at least pointed to the celtic fans singing "Fields of Athenry" and at least their minority IRA loving group. Any decent chairman would be able to negotiate marketing deals (like Celtic have)...in north america you can see their strips in SportsChek and even other smaller stores...BUT WHY??? We have two american internationals on our team and we should be milking this,we have a former manager in charge at Toronto FC! why not establish a marketing deal with them? If this had been established then we could send our players on loan there etc. etc. and shirt sales would go THROUGH THE ROOF!

I dont know if I'm the only one,but I look at this club and I see so much potential being wasted. We should be using our Britishness to appeal to English fans...its already working with Chelsea,but FFS Alex Ferguson is a Rangers fan and Im sure a lot of Man U fans would support Rangers as well if only we put ourselves out there. West Ham and Liverpool fans BOTH carry Rangers flags to their away games. Why aren't we capitalising on things like this?

People are all saying we dont have the money to compete with European teams, but we should be using our world class youth facilities like teams such as PSV, AJAX, and Sporting are doing. FFS, Porto won the champions league and Lyon consistently impress and get to the Last 16, WHY CANT WE??? We've already brought through class players like Ferguson (in his day), Mcgregor, Hutton....Fleck is also on his way to be coming a great. We should be doing our best to keep our best players (FYI Boyd isnt one of our best players and he can GTF).

Players like Carlos Cuellar, Dado Prso, and Nacho Novo came here and probably had never heard of us before they came to Scotland,yet because of our magnificent support we become they're favourite clubs...we should be using guys like that to reccomend us as a club choice to other quality players that they know and tell everyone in their countries how great of a team we are.

Our club is being very poorly run at the moment and we as fans deserve MUCH better then to see garbage displays like today and at Ibrox with Inverness. With our History it should be an honour for a player to pull on the blue strip,not just use us as a stepping stone to get to a big money contract in the EPL. We certainly shouldnt be having to suffer watching pure shite players like Kirk Broadfoot, Lee Mculloch, and Christian Dailly.

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