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Putting things in perspective


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Right, first of all I am as enraged as anyone on this board after yesterdays heartless performance against the scum but lets face it, there is nothing we as fans can do to force a change in manager before the end of the season. The only action we can take is to get right behind the team (which seems very hard at the moment) from now until the end of the league season. As it stands, we are only three points behind the dhims and have a slightly easier run-in.

We will drop points but by looking at the fixtures I reckon they will drop more.

Rangers v Hearts

Falkirk v Rangers

St Mirren v Rangers

Rangers v Motherwell

Hibernian v Rangers

Dundee Utd v Celtic

Celtic v Hamilton

Celtic v Falkirk

Hearts v Celtic

Celtic v Aberdeen

After the split, I am reasonably certain that we are due to play 3 home games and 2 away games and they are due to play 2 home games and 3 away games - 1 at Ibrox.


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All this assuming cannot make up for the lack of effort put in by both the players and management yesterday.

You may well think we'll be top of the league come the split because of the games we have compared to Celtic...But I assume we'll be giving the same standard of performances in some of the games this season. And we have to play Celtic again which we haven't scored against them in three games.

There needs to be change now if we are going to achieve anything. I'm not suggesting we should get rid of management in one of the most important seasons, but Walter needs to change something.

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Guest The Brown Brogue

Well right now I'm not confident in our ability to win any of those games.

Especially now its coming to the crunch, Smith will revert further and further into his natural negative mindset. We will not go out to win these games we will try not to lose them whereas Celtic will do the opposite and more than likely see the fruits of this approach.

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this will have given them a huge boost and knocked the stuffing out of us...I'll bet even guys in the team must be wondering about Waldos tactics

On top of it all we may not have Boogie for Saturday and we know we don't have Wier and the poor guy looked dead on his feet during extra time yesterday so the rest will do him good.

Hearts will come out and attack...they are a pacy bunch so I am dreading it...after Caley and yesterday how can we feel confident about Saturday?

just feel doomed out right now

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The league isn't over but if we play like we have the last two games then it will be very soon

NO SURRENDER - son - NO Surrender!

I haven't surrendered mate far from it....I won't until we can't mathematically win it but if we don't improve soon then that won't be far off.......

herz will be a real test if we couldn't beat Caley.........

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