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Post a great atmosphere made by supporters around the world.


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Fantastic atmosphere at the Stadio Olimpico di Torino, but i didn't realise you had to bring your own cushion for your seat where i was sat :anguish:

Great game, Juventus pumped some smaller team 6-1 :lol:

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River Plate fans.

This one is from the match of round of 16 of the Libertadores Cup 2008. I was there in the stadium, guys :21:

This one is from 1996, the Libertadores Cup final.

These are from The Superclasico, against Boca, played in 19 of October of 2008. I was also there in the stadium guys :pipe:

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Damn man, that is my big dream to watch El Superclasico.

In the River-end of course :)

The Nurnberg movie is nice with the moving upper tier, but this is normal since it was built that way, if we did the bouncy there it would be the same.

Some shameless promotion for my local team :craphead:


Watch in Internet Explorer or with a Windows Media plugin on Firefox.

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