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What can WE do?


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The one thing that unites EVERYONE on this forum is our Love for OUR great club!

So what can WE actually do to help it back to its rightful place?

Any and all ideas are worth a shout for debate, from being the loudest most supportive fans we know we can be to try to lift the team to attempting to put pressure on SDM to step up the pace of his hunt for a suitable new owner! (BE good to have one in for a Summer rebuilding instead of downsizing)

I'm sick of feeling like a helpless onlooker at a car crash, WE need to find something constructive to do

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:( just :(

Sums it up perfectly, was hoping someone smarter than me would have an idea of something constructive we could pour our energy into to help but it seems we've all drawn a blank :(

Guess we just have to watch as our current car wreck of a club becomes a pile up.

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The only way forward is mixing up the experience of the likes of McGregor, Mendes, Davis, Bougherra with some of the young guys who are apparantly "on the brink of first team football". Fair do's we might not win the league next season but we need to mould a team of winners and it will take time. My fear is that we will look to punt at least 2 of these players rather than building the team around them.

The quick fire buys are not doing it for us so I don't see the point in squandering another £10m (which we don't have) next season only to lose again. The target now is to put a stop to the potential 10 in a row, which they are on course to doing & building on that to put a run of our own in place.

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