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The Team Yesterday.


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Whittaker McCulloch Dailly Papac
Davis Ferguson Mendes Beasley
Lafferty Boyd

That is by far the worst performance by Boyd I have ever seen.

Can someone tell me why Beasley gets hooked for Naismith? EVERY fan listening & watching that game knew who should have went off. Boyd. Then they bring on a boy who has had almost no playing time this year and is a Striker, and play him on the Left wing.

I really can't think of any explanation. Please if anyone can even dream up a decent reason why this happened, tell me.

I thought our midfield dominated from start to finish. I simply can't understand why we have no back up defenders. Correct me if i'm wrong:

Sasa Papac is a natural CB?
Lee McCulloch is a natural MC?
Dailly is a DM?

Surely a better line-up for that game would be:

Edu McCulloch Papac Whittaker
Davis Fergsuon Mendes Beasley
Lafferty Miller/Novo

So why the fuck was Papac not told to move into his natural position?

Even with McCulloch being a shite CB, the experince of Papac in that position would help more than Christian Dailly's.
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The substitutions were a joke as always. How Boyd got 90 minutes I will never know. I thought Beasley was playing well before getting taken off as well. Once again we're chasing the game, but no (unforced) subs before 75 minutes, and only 2 altogether. Wonderful.

Subs were rank as per, i think he kept boyd on though for his aerial presence. just my opinion. However he still was dire.

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So instead of a back four being made up of 3 players out of position, youd rather play...3 players out of position and a guy thats even worse than Daily at CB?

No one in the line up i gave is worse than Daily at Centre Back.

Edu: Tall, Stong, Fast.

McCulloch: Tall & Brave

Papac: His natural Position, Tall, Can Header, defensively aware.

Whittaker: Decent marker, composed, decent pace. Not a CB.

Daily: Stick thin, Slow, Headers lucky to reach 5 yards, Shitebag, rushes everything.

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Brave, thats a laugh.

McCulloch goes for every 50-50.

Certainly didn't in the midfield and likes to ball watch and point even in defence.

I disagree.

Whenever I see him he is fouling. Which isn't a good thing, but he is attempting a tackle, if he thinks he can get it, he will try. Course it doesn't always work, but he is brave and aggressive enough to try it unlike Ferguson or Dailly. thats my opinion of course. I respect yours too however.

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Meh I agree Edu should have played defence, but that's all. I think Boyd should have been subbed for Naismith, and give him a go up front where he belongs and Miller should have been brought on at some point for a defender or Mid if it was 2-2.

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Edu is a midfielder; not a defender or a full back. He played a couple of games in defence for the US olympic team, home almost before the games had started.

He is a midfielder who has failed to show he can compete in a competitive spl match or spl reserve match in his own position

so what on earth makes people think he can play at full back?

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Would it not be better to have two players in their natural positions(Papac(he's a LB now) and Whittaker at right while having Dailly and McCulloch should have had a decent understanding from playing at the back in reserve games together'?

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I actually thought Dailly played pretty well on Saturday. I also think the OP is right, i'd play Sasa at Centre half and I see him taking over from Davie Weir next season. He's a good defender and if we sign a decent left back/Wylde steps up to the plate, we'll be ok. McCulloch is a terrible centre half!

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Hearts had 4 chances on goal.

2 went in due to Daily and McCOOOlluch being fuckin rank,McGregor made a great save and Elliot fucked up for them.

Dailly was shit and McCulloch...jesus what is Walters thinking.

Boyd was god awful for about the 6th time since January and Beasley was doing quite well and Wattie in his wisdom puts a striker wide left....... <cr>

I'm beginning to wonder if Wattie is starting to panic and he won't risk anyone he hasn't paid money for or brought in and we all know most of them are pish.

Honestly i would rather Ally took over until the end of the season as at least we play with wingers and 2 strikers and looking at his record in the cups ,it's won all isn't it???

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