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Week's review.


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Bkay found toasted under a sunbed.

Alstone get ringworm off his girlfriend.

Lynn turns straight.

Badger,s still pot-ugly.

McBoyd, got abducted by a Russian fishing boat, he,s getting pumped rotten by 7 sailor,s.

Canadaready invades the USA on a suicide mission.

Manticore became a RC priest, AGAIN.

Johngers, got cought muffing his gran and has been put into care.

Minstrals got dementsia, he thinks Moses McNeil is Rangers new centre.

And your in Newcastle sweeping floors.

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Cunts have been deabting the whole Rangers/Celtic to England again. Boltons Chairman wants to put together an EPL 2 to soften the blow for teams being relegated from the EPL.

Barry and Shagger played in a reserves game against Hearts. Barry managed to get injuried after 90 seconds and Shagger lasted the 90 mins. Barry out for the rest of the season.

Rangers apperently lining up Andy Dorman. Suprise, suprise, so are Celtic.

Broadfoot apperently being sold in the summer. For 10 Astrobelts and a can of Tizer. In installments.

Need to get shot of 8 players to get our squad down to 20 players.

Lafferty could be fit for the game against Hearts next week.

All the tarriers are complaining as the split involves us facing Hearts at Ibrox for the 3rd time. They are unhappy chappies. Fuck em.

Thats all I can think of.

Oh aye Davie Weir benefited greatly from the budget. He is still getting his heating allowance for the winter and his pension has been increased.

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