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Well done Walter

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Always like to show that i have some balance as i slag him constantly so it has to be a big well done for finding Edu.

I have been critical of the Edu signing, spending £2 million on an untested player then freezing him out however it appears that the big guy has something and looks to have settled into Scottish life.

I know its very early doors and that i was critical of his performance v Motherwell but the last couple of games, he has shown enough attitude, appetite and composure to suggest he will be a good signing.

So its a well done on that front from me. Better take a picture of it as normal service will resume shortly Watty. (tu)

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i thought edu was outstanding today. Not a headline grabbing performance as such but his energy, persistance and tackling were first class. I suppose we can all realise why edu couldnt get a game ahead of our team captain at the time but now hes getting the chance hes really starting to show that hes a good player. Thomson davis edu, all 24 or under. They could be the backbone of our team for years to come if we can hang on to all 3. Just need to find some quality wingers or actually play the good one we have( aaron)

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