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Scottish Cup Semi-Final Player Rater


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Alexander - 6 - Did what he had to do well, clean sheet

Dailly - 6 - Got on with his position, didn do too badly, tried to get forward and support

Bougherra - 7 - Did really well on the ground and very strong, rarely tested

Weir - 7 - Good in the air, also rarely tested

Whittaker - 7 - shunted to left back but did well going forward

Davis - 8 - A little quiet in the first half but excelled in central position

Mendes - 6 - Quiet game

Edu -8 - Good in the tackle, worked hard, unlucky not to score, getting better each game

Smith S. - 6 - A bit quiet, good set piece delivery

Boyd - 7 - Tried to get involved more, made run for first goal, played part in his goal and linked up well on the whole

Velička - 7 - Scored opener, could have had another, first touch let him down a couple of times but was chasing down


Novo - 7 - Both subs came on and looked likely

Miller - 7 - As above

Little - 6 - Showed a good bit of pace and chased down, didnt have a lot of time to show what he can do but didnt do badly

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Alexander - 6

Dailly - 6

Bougherra - 7

Weir - 6

Whittaker - 7

Davis - 7

Edu - 8

Mendes - 6

S.Smith - 6

Boyd - 7

Velicka -6

Novo - 7

Miller - 6

Little -6

Team selection - 6

Subs - 7

Tactics - 7

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If Dailly gets another game after that performance I will be truly amazed.

Every pass went astray, every tackle was a foul, and was taken to the cleaners several times, as well as being caught out of position so many times I had to search the pitch to find him when St Mirren were attacking down his flank.

There were times he was struggling to get back into position when we gave the ball away in the first half, when he hadn't been far enough up the park to help our attack in the first place!

Absolutely shocking player, has been his whole career, and now robbing us of a hefty wedge we cant afford every week.

We absolutely must get Whittaker back into RB, with either Smith or Papac at LB and Dailly can help our title challenge by cheering us on from the stand.

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Yeah, I have to say that I would have rathered Whittaker at RB, Smith at LB and either Fleck or Aaron at LM.

yep (tu)


He was still ok though - Davis and Boyd got the best ratings for me - boyd was getting stuck in and doing plenty running. Hope he can score v celtic in the big match!!

Daily and mendes were the two weakest for me, mendes is pretty sloppy these days, daily was clumbsy and got a stupid booking

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Alexander - 7

Dailly - 5

Weir - 6

Bougherra - 7

Whittaker - 6

Davis - 7

Edu - 7

Mendes - 6

Smith - 6

Boyd - 6

Velicka - 6

Novo - 6

Miller - 6

Little - 6

Team selection - 6

Subs - 6

Tactics - 6

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