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When's Wee Nacho..

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When he going to realise its a team game and stop being a greedy wee sh#te, he was at it again yesterday shooting from areas where he was,nt going to score when theres men in better positions. Its been a major failing of his doesnt he realise he,d get as much credit for setting up a goal as scoring one, as much as I like the wee man he gets on my tits at times.

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Novo has the roughest deal in Scottish Football.

£10 million goals. League winning goals. European winners. Deciding penalties.

The wee man does it, does it again and does it again...yet he gets punted back on the bench whilst players such as the ones below get a game before him....and the list is not exhaustive:



Adam (even Charlie has played wide right before Novo :anguish: )







Beasley :anguish:

Nacho Novo deserves a medal for sitting watching some of the above PISH playing before him only for him to come on and rescue us. He deserves better and come to think of it, as fans, we should perhaps consider something special for the wee man when his time ends. He has gave us so many special moments in the last 5 years and his attitude is probably the best of our modern day bunch...........

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