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Domestic cups 2007-2009

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So we have reached our 4th successive domestic cup final after beating St Mirren yesterday.

It has been seen as an important part of Ally McCoist's preparation for manager that he cut his teeth so to speak by taking full charge of the side for the domestic cups.

Now obviously Ally didn't buy any of the players, nor mould them into the shape or style that we have played, that lies with the manager.

But I feel he deserves a great deal of credit for this achievement in his first managarial role to have not lost a single game out of 17 cup games, including replays. We have beaten Hibs, Hearts, Dundee United, Motherwell along the way as well as some lower division sides.

I also feel it worthy of comment that our worst performance in any domestic cup tie since Ally took over them was the final against the scum, and of course Walter took over that one as it was deemed too important to let Ally run the team that day.

We may not have performed fantastically well in all of these ties, especially last season, but he did manage to do something right that should stand him in good stead for when he takes over from Walter for good, and that is to get the correct attitude and spirit into players to ensure we won the tie, even if we were not playing at our best.

He clearly can motivate and has the respect of the players, and although he wont be many bears first choice for manager when Walter leaves, I feel it is certain he will be given the job, and I for one am right behind him.

I can only hope that with another "lesser" side in the final that Walter stays the hell out of the road and lets Ally win his third trophy as manager in waiting.

It remains to be seen if Ally can get the other things right, like transfers and old firm games and european competition, but the omens are good so far that we may just have the makings of a manager to put us on top and keep us there.

Thanks Ally for guiding us into another Hampden final, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we will.

PS. When we win it we will only be one win behind the scum in this competition, so looking forward to matching their tally with a hat-trick of cup wins next season, perhaps with our 8th treble?

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McCoist took charge of the CIS & Scottish Cups last season - 2 wins!

Walter Smith took charge of the Cooperative Cup Final - 1 loss!

McCoist should have been given the final against celtc. Another final, another win, there is not a chance either Dunfermline or Falkirk will beat us.

3/3 for Ally McCoist. 0/2 for Walter Smith.

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ally has done a great job in the cup comp's except the tims game when wally took over (disaster of a game)

time will tell when wally steps down how ally gets on, as he will no doubt be a cert for wally's replacement.

i hope he can bring us as much joy as he had as a player. (i suppose i can wish) :scot:

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Listening to Ally on the radio yesterday before the game the guy ask Ally about being in charge of the team for cup ties.............McCoists answer was he only partly in charge Smith still has the main input, so this myth that Ally is in total charge of our cup games isnt true.

His words not mine.

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Personally i don't think Ally is as much in charge of any of these games as some on here think. I can't see Walter staying out of it all together and Ally gets left to do his own thing, no chance. They are both in it together, and that includes the CIS cup final where we were painfully shite.

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Guest The Brown Brogue

We were hardly going out and playing swashbuckling football and sweeping everyone aside though, we were just as fucking dire against the likes of St Johnstone, Partick Thistle and QOTS as we have been against every team we've played in the SPL.

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