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Some thoughts on our squad for next year.


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We will have a number of younger players in the squad - by that I mean mid twenties and younger:

Whittaker, Broadfoot, Smith, Webster, Wilson, Edu, Thomson, Davis, Aaron, Fleck, Naismith, Boyd, Lafferty.

Quite a few youngsters from the reserves, U19s and out on loan can also be added. Furman comes immediately to mind.

That gives us a young looking squad and to that we can add:

Alexander, McGregor, Bougherra, Ferguson, Weir, Papac, Mendes, Novo, Velicka, Beasley, McCulloch - but not Daily and Hemdani

If we need cash - if we finish second - then there will be a firesale and I expect that McGregor, Bougherra, Thomson, Ferguson, Beasley, Boyd and McCulloch will all be sold. We may bring in a couple of Bosmans at best.

That will leave us a little short of some players - CH in particular, but we may still have Weir, Webster, Wilson and Broadfoot if required plus a Bosman.

Nevertheless a squad that will win most games, but struggle to win the SPL.

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