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Article on real threat to EPL's European success

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I am not sure if this topic may have already been posted or have already been discussed. I just saw this article from Yahoo.


By Martin Rogers, Yahoo! Sports Apr 27, 2:56 am EDT

Yahoo! Sports

European soccer chief Michel Platini couldn’t do it. Nor could the combined forces of the finest Serie A and La Liga have to offer.

But the beginning of the end of the English clubs’ stranglehold over the UEFA Champions League could have been set in motion by an unexpected source.

Britain’s Chancellor Alastair Darling announced last week in his annual budget the implementation of a new, higher level of taxation on the general public. For most, the increase from 40 percent to 50 percent for those earning more than $225,000 is the kind of problem they would like to have. Yet for an elite minority, including virtually every footballer in England’s top two divisions, it will make a significant difference to their pay packets.

Will it adversely impact the ability of English clubs to continue to snap up the finest talent available? Arsene Wenger thinks so. The Arsenal boss is adamant that a combination of the weakened pound sterling and the tax increase will allow other European nations to be more competitive when it comes to acquiring top-level players.

When asked if English clubs relied too heavily on imported players, Wenger said: “Don’t worry, that time will soon be over because with the new taxation system and with the collapse of sterling … the domination of the Premier League will end.”

The EPL still generates billions from revenue streams around the world, and there won’t be too many tears shed by the man on the street for those who operate in soccer’s cloistered corridors.

No one, Wenger included, is suggesting the EPL is going to crash and burn. It’s just that the league may no longer have such heavy representation in the later stages of Europe’s top club tournament.

This season, for the third year in a row, three of the four semifinalists come from England. This week in Spain, Italy and Germany, there will be a glimmer of hope that brighter times beckon.

I figure that this issue may be a no big deal, isn't it?

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