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Has anyone ever seen a better team performance than Barcelona last night?

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In over 35 years of watching football that was quite simply the most awesome display I have ever witnessed, especially when you consider that it was away to their greatest rivals.

Man Utd may be going for a quadruple but they are not even close to that quality of football.

Any true football fan, that does not support one of the English trio, must hope they go on to win the CL

Anyone seen better?

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No, in a word.

Watched it with a group of my mates and we ended up just laughing towards the end of the game, as the quality of football displayed by Barcelona was bordering on the ridiculous. Messi's 2nd goal was so simple yet quite stunningly executed. No surprises to see Xavi getting the assist for that one aswell.

The fact that Real hadn't lost in about 18 games in the league just sums up how far behind Barcelona the rest of the teams are. It was a devastating victory.

100 goals in the league, +78 goal difference. Amazing.

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I watched the game in BBHQ, and assisted by BlueIsTheColour we decided that Rangers would probably survive in La Liga.


For the sole reason that we can actually defend. As good as Barca were last, Madrid's defending was absolutely non-existant. I've seen better marking down the 7's at Wishaw.

It could have been nine or ten if Iniesta was 'scared' of shooting.

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I think this totally vindicates Chelsea's (and Rangers') defensive approach against a team of the quality of Barca.

Open up and you're toast.

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