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Davis and Dailly down the right.......

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Davis has proven time and time again that he isn't a right winger. He doesn't hug the touchline, doesn't offer any width and doesn't help the full back. It also doesn't help if the full back is pish (less said about him the better). I'd love to see Davis in the centre as I think he's great there, even today he made some excellent passes and was involved in a lot of our play. But as a right winger he is terrible and we suffer out there because of it. It was the same on the left today as Stevie Smith offered us no width either. We will struggle to create chances as our team is too narrow and therefore the strikers and central midfielders have no room.

We need to play at least one natural winger and Davis should either play in the centre or not at all.

Good win though (tu)

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