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***The Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***


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Im hoping the players ignore Watty's hang dog face pleading with them for "caution, dont get carried away, keep it tight for the first 20 minutes"

Take your cue from the fans and RIP INTO THOSE SHEEP!

The fans should be singing that old classic "At-tack! At-tack! At-tack-At-tack-At-tack!!"

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Thanks to my Dads best mate being unable to attend the match, he gave his season ticket to his son, who already had a ticket, so i've landed the spare :D fucking delighted! come on The Rangers 4 or 5-0 for the fans the day, we will be in full voice!! Lets get fuckin' stuck intae them!! :D:scot::gerbad:

Apologies for spelling? rather drunk :D

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:whittaker: :weir: :bougherra: :papac: if not fit then :ssmith:

:davis: :edu: :ferguson: :lafferty:

:boyd: :novo:

If we show the same commitment as we did 2nd half against Hibs then we should be more than capable of racking up a few goals. An early goal is crucial today and we need to keep focused and continue to attack even if we do take an early 2 or 3-0 lead.

Hit them for 7 lads and keep beleiving

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At least with Diamond out hopefully Lafferty won't get headbutted this time doh

As someone said above, I really have the feeling that Smith will play for a 1-0 and hope Hibs do us a favour. It just seems like exactly the kind of thing he'd do.

Also might be the first time ever that I really hope Miller is fit, and replaces Boyd.

I think we will see Lafferty in for Smith on the left and Miller in for Velicka.

Like him or loath him Boyd will be in from the start to score goals as thats what we need desperately on saturday.

Novo will appear from the bench if we need him.

Rest of team will be unchanged from wednesday unless Papac comes back in with Whittaker switching to RB and Dailly back on bench!!!

Looks like with Papac back in i had the team bang on last night!

Lets hope we can score at least 3 maybe 4-0 today.

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Official team


:whittaker: :weir: :bougherra: :papac:

:davis: :edu: :mendes: :lafferty:

:miller: :boyd:

Barry Ferguson is on the bench.

hope its a 4 3 3 with Lafferty left off Boyd Miller right

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I believe we can still do this, but have tempered my expectations due to necessity. I can't keep going for the next 2 games with the kind of stress I felt for the week leading up to the OF match. If they win it all, I'll be over the moon. If they don't, I won't be shocked.

Just hoping for the best and trying hard to prepare myself psychologically for the alternative.

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