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Britney in sense making shocker


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Georgios Samaras has revealed a quaint tendency in the past for blurting out undiplomatic noises at inappropriate times, and the Greece striker was at it again yesterday, claiming that Celtic play a purer type of football than Rangers, and that their Old Firm rivals base their game on “battle” and “long balls”.

On that basis, argued Samaras, Rangers “don't deserve” to win the Clydesdale Bank Premier League title, and would only be winning it “due to our [Celtic's] mistakes”.

Samaras's comments were helpful in only one specific regard: they helped to deflect growing speculation around Celtic last night that Gordon Strachan is set to quit the club after Sunday's final league game of the season against Heart of Midlothian in Glasgow.

Strachan made a specific point of not inviting any questions about his future yesterday, which only served to heighten the suspicion that Sunday's game at Celtic Park will be his last at the club. A number of Celtic players said in private yesterday that Strachan has made no intimations to them about his plans for next season.

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Rangers, who play Dundee United at Tannadice on Sunday, lead Celtic by two points going into the final day of the season.

If Sunday is to be the Celtic manager's curtain-call at the club, then he must hope that Samaras's comments yesterday are borne out. The likeable Greece striker gently started shooting from the lip about the contrast in styles between Celtic and Rangers, an enjoyable piece of rhetoric which, nonetheless, may have bemused quite a few, including many Celtic supporters themselves.

“As a football team, we are better than Rangers,” Samaras said. “We are a team who likes to play football. Rangers have something which maybe we don't have - they like to battle, to play long balls into the box and just fight.

“We are two teams who don't play the same way. At Celtic, we prefer to pass the ball and create chances. This is how the gaffer wants us to play. We have also won the title three times in a row with this type of football. But Rangers play another type of football.”

There will be quite a few Celtic fans scratching their heads at this analysis. Recently, Strachan's team has come in for criticism from their own supporters for quite the reverse: that their football is too teething, too jarring to watch. That is also an extreme view, though Samaras remained unabashed about his team's aesthetic style.

“We want to enjoy the game when we go out on to the park, and we want our supporters to enjoy it, and we want the people watching us at home to enjoy it,” the striker said. “We don't want people to change the TV channel if they are watching us.”

Asked about the destination of the title this weekend, Samaras confessed that Celtic now need outside help from Dundee United.

“If they [Rangers] are going to win it, I don't think they deserve it,” the striker said bluntly. “I think we are a better team. If they are going to win it, then fair play - but it's our mistakes [that let them win] and I think we are better than Rangers.

“Last year Rangers were in front and this year we were in front - we will see who will have most heart to win the title in the end. It is not an easy game for both teams on Sunday. I hope we win, and that we receive a small present from Dundee United.”

Samaras was also asked about Strachan's future, and duly gave the only conceivable answer in the circumstances. “He has done massive work here for three or four years,” he said. “I think everyone would love to see him here next season."

Just so no one else has to give him a hit

"The likeable greece striker " :wanker:

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Where's the "sense making shocker"?

Have to admit it's lost on me also. Just looks like his usual slimey, tim-loving article with little or no credit given to anything of a Rangers persuasion. Also, to describe that grease-ball as likable, well he just can't help himself can he. I bet he wanks himself to sleep every night thinking about a bit of lubrication (greece).


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I saw the name 'Spiers' and realised that it would be a waste of 30-seconds of my life clicking onto the link.

Instead, I used that spare 30-seconds to cough up some phlegm and spit it into the toilet pan.

That, my friends, was a more satisfying and rewarding use of my limited time on this earth.

Spiers is a waste of good oxygen.

Don't click on links with his name on them.

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