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Hi there, I was wondering how you can post a link in a thread say for Rangers home page, but make it just one word instead of the whole link. If anybody could help I would be grateful.

Many thanks, Sairdy.

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When you click on new reply, you will see under the tab where you can choose your font a green arrow with a plus sign, when you hover the mouse pointer over it should say insert link. Click on that and a pop-up should appear at the top of the page. Click on it and it should come up with an option saying "Temporary Allow Scripted Windows". Click on that.

Now click on the button again and a box should pop up.

Paste the link in and click ok.

The box will appear again and then put whatever you want to call it e.g "Rangers" and click ok.

That should be you done.

If you follow what I said you should end up with Rangers

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