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Think you will find a lot more in here

Including your one. :mellow:


Wow, that was excellent !!! i'll certainly be re-visiting it. Many thanks for that, there's a few here that didn't feature in all the one's i saw, you might be interested in having a look. Rangers photo's Let me know if you get this, otherwise i'll try sending a message to you. Thanks again.

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Yes, I got them. OK to add to my albums? The ones I don't have that is.

I'll put your name (blue view) on the ones I can use

You're welcome to any ones you want, if i can help by sending them anywhere in a bigger format or whatever let me know. When i was looking through the teams section i saw the Rangers & Newcastle together photo and suddenly remembered that a friend of mine was reframing an old photo and discovered behind it an old page from a news paper which carried the match report from that very game. He sent it to me and I've still got it, if you'd like a scan of that just say and i'll see to it.

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