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Green, yellow, then flashing red light. (PS3)


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Turn on the PS3, the light goes green, then flashes yellow, then repeatedly flashes red until i press power again. I phoned Sony and they're not being any help.

Anyone know what's wrong/ a way to fix it?

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I had the same problem, It was an overheating problem they told me, they asked if I played excessively and I said I hadnt been playing it as much as I had but I had just got playTV and had been keeping that on for long periods at a time. I was out of my 12th month warranty however and they charged me a fair whack to get a "refurbished replacement" console... You should maybe sign up for that continuous play thing for a fiver a month THEN phone up sony and tell em your ps3 is duff so you wont have to pay, think that should work

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