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£65m is it for 3 or 5 years?


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5 years -- opt out after 3

cheers, so £13m a season then, after 3 they will have paid 39m the other 26m is for the optional 2 seasons, that right?

Don't know the fine details mate.. but whatever way you look at it.... it sucks... Hopefully, we can get a proper bid in in in 3 years with or without the scum to go it on our own. We're worth more than this.

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Its not even gonna be a million per club is it? If you finish last in the EPL you get like £36Million doh

Its ridiculous... if Sky thought about putting that bit more cash in, the SPL could improve and make their product more attractive... instead they've went for the cheapest option in order to maximise any gains that they know they will get

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