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Celtic bumblebee strip

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its fucking disgusting :anguish:

Ha that is truly horrendous. It looks like they took both of Borat's keeper shirts from last season and cut and pasted bits from each together!

I can't wait for them to wear that in the cup or something, and play a lower league team and get headlines about said small team stinging Celtic.

It is almost as horrible as that monstrosity they had a few years back, sort of florescent yellow and black thing in the Pierre Van Hoijdoink era.

Ah well. they are at least good as a source of humour for us!

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i laughed at the newcastle top when it came out and thought there could be nothin worse than that.

i have just fallen to the floor and near pissed mysel seen that shit!

they will win every game they wear it in because teams will have my reaction and not take them serious!

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