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hey people, well u want to make sigs? this is the place u need to read and learn am gonna show u some basics which u will proberly find as stumbling blocks when u make sigs, well there were for me :)

so firstly.....

Setting ur images to such things as Hard Light etc, which u will see alot...

now when u have a layer and u r told to make it into Hard Light here is how u go about doing this....


u make sure u can clicked onto the right layer, as u see i have selected the layer1 which is a pic of Boydy, u see the drop down menu there with thigns such as Screen, Hard Light and Soft Light, now when following tutorials if u see these words, this is where u go everytime! :), now read it carefully and do it carefully, number 1 problem people get sometimes is they do the wrong layer and comes out all wrong, Layer i shud say is the list next to the drop down menu, with the Layer1 and Background, now when u open up an image, u drag the image into sig, it will show up as Layer2,3,4 and so on. and will always be shown in that little menu.

any questions gimme a shout :)

Now for adding colour layers

now, when it says add colour layers, u do this....


see the kind of half black half white thing in the bottom of the menu bar? well if u click that the following menu will show up and u then select Solid Colour, unless told to do otherwise, sometimes the tutorial might tell u to use a Gradient, so u click the gradient there, easy :) now when adding colour layers, u will always be required to change the opacity of them and set them to hard light etc(like i expalined above), now to change the Opacity, look at this...


when changing Opacity it will always give u a Percentage, change the pencentage accordingly, but always use the Opacity one rather than fill :)

Duplicating/Deleting Layers

righty, Dupilicating Layers will mostly be used when doing the render(which is the player or cut u use), u go to the render of cut u've just added to ur sig, u then right click on that and select duplicate layer, u may need to do this several times depending on how many times the Tutorial asks u too :) heres a screenie to help


like so :)

some Controls

to Desaturate a layer - simply do Ctrl+Shift+U ;)

this is the basics of tutorials which u will be asked to do, other things they will ask u to do are pretty straight like using "Filter>Blur>GaussianBlur" etc, all u do it follow the menus above like file etc until u get to ur destination and follow the tut accordingly.

now u think u cud handle that? well try this sig and see what happens!!

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3 (More Advanced):


Good luck! and any questions dont hesitate to ask


RM Design Team

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Here's one I made, it's not fantastic but it's decent enough..:

Ok, I'm going to show you how to make a Starburst Effect on photoshop, using Filters.

First, create a now document of any size, I'm going for 500x500, you can use any size you like.

Go to Edit > Fill, then choose ANY pattern you like, I chose this:


Next, go to Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates. Keep the original Settings.

You should have something that looks like this:


Once you've done that, go to Filter > Distort > Spherize, set it to -100% and click ok. Once you've done this, keep hitting CTRL+F until the circle in the middle is almost invisible, like this:


Now, it may not be the colours you were after, but this can be fixed. Go to Edit > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. You can toy with the colours and things but here's how mine looks:


Now, click the Layer > New Layer.

On this layer, I want you to select the Rectangular Marquee Tool, and select a small part on the right hand side like mine and fill it with white or a very light gray:


Hit CTRL+D to deselect the selection.

After you've done this, go to Filter > Stylize > Wind. Select Blast, and keep it from right to left. Click ok, then continually hit CTRL+F until you get an effect similar to mine:


Now, you'll notice its got more gray blocks at the back than wind effects at the front, press CTRL+T and drag the right side all the way across you can play with it moving the layer across and pulling the right side over a little further if needs must, you should have something like this:


Choose the crop tool crop_tool.jpg and make your selection with it around your image to cut out the excess shite we don't need.

Now, hit CTRL+A to Select All, then choose Edit > Transform > Rotate 90CCW, when you've done this hit CTRL+D to deselect it. If you need to widen each side use CTRL+T and widen it.. It should look like this:


Now choose Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates, again, keep the original settings.


This is really the final step, just to give it a little more shine. Go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur and choose the following settings:


You should have something that looks like this:



Any of the settings can be altered, for example you can use a different fill method, it doesn't necessarily need to be a pattern, you can also alter spherize options and so forth.

Tutorial made by Floppy_Tits, don't rip.

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I've tried this and when it gets to pic three I just keep getting the Spherize part going into a one colour blob. It doesn't "shrink" just goes in a circle all the time to a solid colour.

Ctrl F this is what I eventually get and that's it no matter how times I hit ctrl f


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