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Overconfident or just clinically insane


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Champions League - City fan has champions tattoo

Eurosport - Mon, 17 Aug 13:13:00 2009

A Manchester City fan is so confident his club can spend their way to the top that he now sports a tattoo proclaiming them as European champions.

Kirk Bradley, 25, has had a tattoo reading "Manchester City - Champions League Winners 2011", along with a picture of the famous trophy, inked on to his right shoulder.

Bradley told the Daily Mirror: "I really believe we have the quality and the ambition to do it.

"All my mates think I'm crazy, but I don't care. At least no one can doubt that I am a true fan."

By his reckoning, City would have to finish in the top four of the Premier League this season and then win European football's most prestigious competition at the first attempt.

When asked what he would do if the Eastlands club could not live up to his expectations, Bradley said: "I don't even want to think about."

The 25-year-old student will be hoping his body art does not befall the same fate as fellow City fan Christopher Atkinson, who had 'Kaka' emblazoned across his chest in January when the club made their move to sign the Brazilian star from Milan.

The deal fell through, and Kaka joined Real Madrid this summer.

City, who have spent more than £100 million in the current transfer window, got their league campaign off to a winning start with a 2-0 win at Blackburn Rovers on Saturday.

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Amazing how a 2-0 victory over Blackburn can poison the mind :D


same with Hughes when commenting on Everton being annoyed at City trying to get Lescott...

"I'm not surprised David feels a bit aggrieved with the situation, you always are when a big club is trying to sign one of your best players."

Man City already reclassified as a 'big club'? :rolleyes:

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