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Hypotheticaly what is a realistic fee for Boyd?


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First of all let me just say I'm not saying he should go or stay but I just get astonished when I see what some bears think we will get for a fee for Boyd IF he is sold....Let's not settle for any less than 6 Million etc!! If any club comes in and offesr £4 Million or so surely the first thought for Boyd is that I can sign for them in 4 months for ZERO and pocket the £4 Million myself.

Lets look at the facts cause from where I'm sitting it looks like he has now got Rangers over a barrell which is his right and that Rangers have ******* up what we would get if he goes. If I was him I would feel hurt that Rangers accepted a fee for him last January, the manager continues to drop him, subsitute him etc and along with the fact that he is in the final year of his contract without no new offer on the table you really wouldnt need to be the brightest spark in the world to realise the subtle hints he is being given by the Rangers management team.

Last January we were offered in the region of £3.5 million for him but lets not forget January is the silly season when clubs tend to be desperate for players when they are pushing for promotion or fightin relegation. If we were to sell boyd just now we would be lucky to get £1.5 Million in August or 500k in January now. Why would clubs bid more for a player that can be signed on a free in January?? If we accept a fee just now lets not forget Kilmarock are entitled to 20% of the fee and the as the player never asked for a transfer he will be looking for 10-20% to go. That would mean that Rangesr will lose him for about 1.1 Million!!!!!! great bit of business Bain!!!

If I was Boyd and I was p*ssed off at the way I was treated would you not just see out the final year of your contract and leave on a free??? If he does that then as no transfer fee involved the player will be looking at a whopping £1 Million or so signing on fee at his next club... Boy has he got us ove a barrell!!

Rangers either need to offer him a new four year deal on about 20k a week which will cost Rangers £4 million or so or let him go just now where we will be lucky to clear a Million from any deal. We aint exactly in the driving seat are we!!!

But hey what do I know as Im usually wrong!

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it really is a sticky situation for boyd and whatever happens we need to get this contract sorted out, the valuable goals that he scored for us last season makes him a huge asset to the club and i for one want to hold on to him....though i can see why alot of fans get frustrated in him at times and thats when he is scoring, imagine what the abuse will be like if he goes through a drought at somepoint in the coming season

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Has Boyd scored yet (pre season basically)? So.. not exactly on form, & looks unfit... but anyway...

Given the OPs points about what we get now vs January vs nothing at the end, bids of 1.5 mill-2.5mill would be accepted. But would he leave? Doubt it.

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could push it up if he can score some in the Champions League this year, could push it up higher if he was playing and scoring at international level.

This is Boyd's mission this season :

1) 20 + league goals ( including the top six teams in that , none of this 7 in two games against Hamilton pish, taking in nearly half your goal haul from 1 team isnt good enough in Scotland )

2) 2 - 3 Champions league goals or 1 vital goal.

3) 2 goals AT LEAST against Celtic.

completes all of these and his value can sky rocket to £3 million odd.

( anyone noticed that Walters £3.5 Million for Lafferty seems even more laughable now that time has passed )

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The critisim the lad goes to far.

Most people on here expect him to score every game.

Keep in mind most games last year had a pattern with him, some games he would score then some games he wouldn't.

That's football, and despite not scoring every game he plays, he won us the league last year with the goals he scored.

He will win us the league again if he gets the same number of games as he did last year.

I don't want him to leave. I doubt we will find a striker that gets as much goals as he has since he joined 3 and a half years ago.

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Around £4 mil regardless of his contract.

That's utter nonsense.

You can't say 'regardless of contract' when he only has ten months left.

Be realistic.

Why? Because 6 months has ran down on his contract we feel then need to half what we accepted 6 months ago. If a club is really that desperate for him now they should pay 4 mil.

But no club is going to be desperate for him and would rather wait until his contract runs down so I don't really see why we are having this discussion to be honest.

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