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BBC iPlayer coming to PlayStation Network


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Sony has announced that BBC iPlayer will soon be made available on the PlayStation Network in the UK, along with a new movie streaming service.

The electronics firm revealed the news during its official press conference last night at the Gamescom exposition in Cologne, Germany.

Under the initiative, PS3 owners will be able to stream BBC programming on their consoles via a sanctioned link on the PSN. Currently, gamers are only able to do this by accessing the PS3's in-built internet browser.

Alongside this launch, Sony will also introduce a new film service to the PSN in November after agreeing licencing deals with the major movie studios, including 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

This new video delivery service will allow gamers to buy or rent a variety of new and library titles, and also download them to the PlayStation Portable device.

Sony Computer Entertainment president and chief executive Andrew House said: "The addition of the PlayStation Network video delivery service for PS3 and PSP provides a simple way for PlayStation owners to access movie content and enjoy the latest blockbuster whenever and wherever they choose.

"This is no longer just for hardcore gamers, but for everyone. We believe that everyone enjoys entertainment differently and should have the choice as to what entertainment they consume and exactly how they consume it. PlayStation is the gateway to that entertainment."

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